PS3 Could Possibly Outlast Even the Wii 2 and Next Xbox Console

Craig Hasselback writes: "The days of three major console manufacturers are numbered. It's not because the shelves are overcrowded or that sales are down, which they have been slightly. No, surprisingly it's because of the current third place platform in the US that's rapidly catching up in sales and surprising many analysts.

The Playstation 3 was criticized by everyone when it launched with a high price tag back in 2006. Even Sony fanboys had a hard time swallowing the hefty price. But Sony did promise the machine was built to be a marathon runner and not a sprinter."

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BeaRye2986d ago

PS3 is definitely surprising people. Remember everyone counted the PS3 out time after time since it launched. Now look at it.

nix2986d ago

you can run.. but you can't hide! because it also does everything!

DrWan2986d ago

I think this article is dumbest crap i have ever read, it makes no sense at all. All 3 are here to stay, like it or not, Sony has a lot of financial work to do to make up for the past 3 years of hardware loss. The games on the other hand, the PS3 has the best games this generation hands down, no argument about it. 90% of the games on Xbox and PS3 are identical stuff, 10% left over are the exclusive gems. Hoping PS3 can hold out as long as possible.

Biggest2986d ago

I agree. What is the point of this article? You can't even get into a proper fanboy fight with this mess.

Cryos2986d ago

did everyone miss the point of the article? seems most are thinking that it's talking about PS4 vs. neXtbox and wii 2.....

when it's really saying that the neXtbox and wii 2 will be up against the PS3 because it's only halfway through it lifespan. So they would be up against a console that has motion control capabilities as well as an established user-base.

It won't force MS or Ninty to not make another console though...

Anon19742986d ago

The title of the article is "PS3 Could Possibly Outlast Even the Wii 2 and Next Xbox Console". This title isn't even close to being the same thing.

The article makes a couple of observations which certainly merit some thought. The PS3 is hitting it's stride right now while the 360 is losing sales, software revenue and, according to Microsoft themselves, 3rd party development support. After Halo and Gears there's nothing really on the horizon for the 360 so it certainly appears that, apart from trying to market the 360 at wives and girlfriends with Natal, the 360 is winding down.

So if Microsoft does replace the 360 in the next two years, what type of competition will they face? The PS3 will still be clipping along, the price will probably have come down further, it still offers Blu-Ray and will be doing 3D. Could a new Xbox make any headway against a cheaper PS3 that's still going strong? Not likely. More likely we'd see a repeat of what happened between the PS2 and Xbox.

And that's if Microsoft even wants to continue making hardware. They've lost billions on the console market over the last 10 years with no hope of recouping that money and many financial analysts are openly mulling why Microsoft doesn't get out of game hardware altogether and instead focus on where their traditional strengths lie, software. The Xbox and 360 certainly haven't added any value to Microsoft's stock price and at the end of the day they aren't running the world's largest charity for gamers, they're running a business.

What happens next gen is anyone's guess.

UltraNova2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

darkride66, MS is an American company run by Americans. Do you really expect them to lower their humongous ego and accept defeat? By Japanese nonetheless? Yes i know its all about business but one must be a fool not to take MS ego under consideration.

They would never give up, they will be pumping billions in the xbox department until they finally win a generation against Sony.

My 2 cents.

ThanatosDMC2986d ago

They were too scared to play with the 600lb gorilla in the room.

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago

"The ps3, at last count, has lost $4.7 billion.
In fact, the ps3 has lost more money, and quicker, than the xbox1 did!"
(1.3 C64)

Meaning the now profitable ps3 has no future, right? Derp!
Some fanboys are still living in 2006.

jerethdagryphon2986d ago

it was also assumed that sega would stay in the running with there mega drive and dreamcast but they pulled out

the possibility of a another major player pulling out isnt that far fetched consoles const hundreds of millions to develop unless you go the xbox one route which
is and can be prooven to be

off the shelf components in a small formfactor case

but you cant do that now
gpus are expensive and you need a decent one to power a nonupgradable console for years at a time
spu is another aspect

its not a simple as throw more ram at it,
as thats only useful to a point.

if dev costs spiral too far any company can pull out, and go software based

as sega had done

Old Greg2985d ago

but not seeing much. I mean its not doing badly or anything, but it definately not blowing my mind or anything. lol.

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fishd2986d ago

I can't find a big enough facepalm for this

Trey_4_life2985d ago

Face palm for what? The PS3 is a beast of a machine, the capability of the console is only just being realized.

The PS3 is the future of console gaming and will continue to innovate and rejuvenate the gaming industry with fresh, ground breaking, genre defining titles.

Luzce2985d ago

Facepalm for the article having a title to attract people from both camps but being horribly written. Looks like it was written by a 9th grader who's mom only gave him 20 minutes on the computer. The comments section here is better than that article.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

why would the ps3 stop nintendo(especially nintendo) or microsoft from making another console when the ps2 didnt stop them before. Both ninendo and microsoft have already done way better then they did with the previous gen.

EDIt- If this gen stops ANYONE from making a console next gen. it would be SoNY, but they will be making a ps4 im sure.

nycredude2986d ago

I'm a ps3 fan, and now a proud owner of a gaming laptop, but this is freaking retarded. No one is going anywhere!

himdeel2986d ago

...ONLY IF microsoft doesn't create a new console. From a hardware/technical standpoint Nintendo would HAVE to create a system closer to what we're seeing now in the current next gen system if they were to move forward from a hardware/technical standpoint.

However Nintendo can also leave the console business for a generation and keep selling the Wii and transition to being a handheld company VERY easily while continuing to be profitable.

All that being said I don't think Nintendo or MS sill walk away from the consoles anytime soon.

sikbeta2986d ago

Hey! Nintendo Still being a Cool Company, I'm all for Sony Dominance but I want to see Nintendo Fighting for my bucks as well...

DERKADER2986d ago

I love the smell of my own FARTS.

iPad2986d ago

The PS3 is doing bad and good at the same time. Why?

The Good: Is doing way better than the PlayStation One. So that means Sony will sell 100,000,000 PS3s by the PS3's last year.

The bad: There are 35m PS3s right now. That's horrible. How can there be 35m PS3s if the PS2 sold 50,000,000 in its SECOND year. The PS3 should be right now at around 80,000,000.

duplissi2985d ago

.... i doubt it very much.... it might last as long as the ps2.

DA_SHREDDER2984d ago

Im still playing and buying ps2 games let alone all the ps3 games I buy and plan on buying. I dont know what it is but Sony has so many games to play I dont even have time for them all.

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GunShotEddy2986d ago

Ms will quit way before Nintendo ever would.

booni32986d ago

Lets not forget that MS doesnt mind pumping money into they certainly would for their next console. I suggest working on it to the very forefront of cutting in, dont become outarmed again, as they have by the ps3s bluray and cell engine. And i think a strong business suggestion would be to wait until after the next sony console drops, in opposition of what they did last time. Furthermore, the 360 has a fews years left in it if MS alleviates the hardware failures and drops between 4 and 5 strong new franchise Ips. just my 2 cents.

Milamber2986d ago

If the "neXtBox" is out years before the next Playstation then that's a win for Microsoft.

vgn242986d ago

All joking aside (like my first post). The PS3 is proving to be a bigger competitor and longer lasting machine than most thought. The question will be what can the neXtBox possibly offer that will warrant a purchase.

Milamber2986d ago

If the neXtBox is superior to the PS3, which it should be or there's not much point in releasing it, it won't matter what quality games PS3 is putting out, Sony will have to stop supporting PS3 and respond with new hardware or face losing more market share.

Lombax2986d ago

Other that this part, "Sony will have to stop supporting PS3" I completely agree.

Milamber2986d ago

They'll stop supporting it with good first party games, and paying out for third part exclusives. Sure, they'll keep the network online and it will get all the multi-platforms or games that were already in development for PS3 at the time of announcing the new hardware; the same thing that happened with the PS2.

the-show-stopper2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

how will the nextbox be suprior when they still have to use the DVD-9
unless they want to spend alot of money buying the right to use blu-ray then their pretty much screwed

nycredude2986d ago


Just like they did with the Ps3 right. Oh wait...

Sony's been there, done that. When will people learn to just accept it?!

corneliuscrust2986d ago

blu ray is owned by a number of companies, sony is just part of the picture. MS next console will have blu ray as it is the only larger mass produced storage medium. It just makes sense.

Luzce2985d ago

I agree. There's not many options at the moment. I don't see the "download only, PSP-type" console in the next 5 years time frame. Broadband is just not wide spread enough and the game disk business is still too good, unlike the CD vs MP3 war.

Microsoft's next console pretty much has to have blu-ray, unless they decide to introduce yet another disk based format (please no).

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A change in the wind2986d ago

"If the "neXtBox" is out years before the next Playstation then that's a win for Microsoft."
See, that`s where you are WRONG. Microsoft is not the bully on the playground, they don`t get to make up the rules. The console war is over when each console has realized their full potential.
The quote above just proves how surely the PS3 will pass the 360. The fans are hoping MS will hurry up and get another xbox out so that somehow it`s a victory. Sorry, it doesn`t work like that.

sikbeta2986d ago

"They'll stop supporting it with good first party games, and paying out for third part exclusives"

lol Yeah...Right!!! Cos Paying for Timed Exclusivity really Helped MS this Gen right? come on, I want my PS3 Version of GTAVI Episodes of Liverty City.... OH WAIT!!!!

IHateYouFanboys2985d ago

so are you saying that Gears of War didnt 'pay out' for Microsoft? you remember Gears of War, dont you? the series with 2 games that have EACH sold more than ANY exclusive game on the PS3?

also, the timed exclusivity of the GTA DLC helped sales of GTA on the 360 and also made microsoft a metric $hitload of money, the timed exclusivity of Bioshock racked up huge sales and hype for the 360 (while the 12 month later PS3 version barely managed any) and the timed exclusivity of the MW2 DLC also gave microsoft a huge boost.

when 99% of the games on consoles are 3rd party, it pays to have a good relationship with the 3rd party developers. microsoft have this, and have secured basically every formerly exclusive to Sony 3rd party franchise. and yes, it did wonders for them. theyre winning the console war this generation, 4 years in.

gtamike1232986d ago

The PS3 only games are looking better and better each year, I can't say the same for the other consoles this gen.

Nike2986d ago

The Nintendo Wii's games haven't had a major jump in graphics since console's launch. If anything, it's games arguably look worse than the Gamecube's. But that does NOT decide if Nintendo is eliminated from the competition.

The PS3 and XBox 360 may have more "hardcore" (not that there's a shortage of those on the Wii - just a shortage of people who feel like buying them) and "prettier" games, but even that didn't prove the deciding factor with the N64 and GCN. I doubt it'll make much difference now when Nintendo is turning over heaps of profits.

Nike2986d ago

"PS3 May Eliminate MS or Nintendo from Hardware Next-Gen"

And how many years "may" that happen? One year? Two years? Or just until another crappy article on the same subject comes out?