Things you may have missed in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer

GamesRader writes: We've done our traditional fine-toothing job and pulled out every detail you need to know about. What have we found out? Black Ops could turn out to be way better than you ever expected...

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DA_SHREDDER2982d ago

The only way im buying this game (used anyways) if they incorporate dedicated servers, vehicles, huge maps, and get rid of the old game modes and bring something new.

DJexs2982d ago

doubt it I am done with COD personally they have failed to much for to long.

toaster2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Well I wouldn't say it "failed too much for too long."

MW2 was a catastrophic failure, but that was just one game. The Call of Duty franchise did bring some of the best FPS in gaming (CoD2, CoD4) so I'm not giving up hope just yet. Maybe the new developer can breath new life into this old franchise.

PS: Do not count on the inclusion of vehicles, big maps and strategic teamplay.. it's just not a CoD thing.

iistuii2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

MW2 was a catastrophic failure..are you mad ? have you seen the sales figures ?,People queing up at midnight, have you noticed it still has millions playing it online, and even the map pack was the biggest selling DLC in the PSN history, still if thats a failure i cant wait for the next one.

claterz2982d ago

To be fair to IW, they only made 1 bad game lol. Hopefully they will start listening to the community for MW3 (if they actualy make it) instead of just throwing in a bunch of stuff that they think people would like to see.

MerkinMax2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"It's clear that Treyarch have got their hands on all of the upgrades Infinity Ward added to the Modern Warfare engine during the production of MW2."

World at War had better lighting, better water effects and better explosions/particle effects than the first MW and MW2. MW2's shadows were jagged compared to World at War. Give Treyarch credit, they improved the engine themselves. I didn't see Infinity Ward putting real time reflections in their water like Treyarch did with World at War.

bakaPX2981d ago

Just like Wii Fit, Wii Play, etc.

Sales = quality


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RedDevils2982d ago

Is it ModernGlitchfare? :P

Dellis2982d ago

You missed that it will be total trash

nycredude2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I didn't even watch any of anything COD. It's dead to me. I hope EA can pick up the slack. If not we always have Killzone 3 to look forward to!!!

Anyone else playing Red Dead Redemption and is hoping Naughty Dog makes an open world game in the future?

Gun_Senshi2982d ago

That didn't even watch the trailer?

I just cannot be arsed to do so.

Ironfungus2982d ago

You're not missing much.

crapgamer2982d ago

IW didn't make a bad game, they made a game too accessible to everyone and in turn it ruined the game for the die hard fans. There are over a million people playing MW2 on the Xbox 360 everyday. So it's not like it's a failure of a game, there are just things we might not like about it. Black Ops looks promising, and let's face it, no other online franchise boosts the numbers or longevity as COD. Heck I can get on COD4 and still play with 60 thousand, same with WAW. Games like Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 just don't offer that and never will. I don't think those two games had 60 thousand at their peak, much less years later. COD games last and are fun. I think Treyarch knows this is their chance to shine. I'm going to buy this game and I know millions are right there with me.

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