Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Movie

Community member, killat0n has put together this video of what "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Movie" teaser might look like including dramatic music, big explosions and key story line plots to entice the movie viewing public into the cinemas.

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Ares84PS32833d ago

That was awesome! If actual game trailers would look like this hype fore very game would be over the roof.

chak_2832d ago


what about battlefield: bad company 2 THE PATCH DAMNIT §

PSWarlord2832d ago

I thought it was an actual movie lol..Im loving Bad company, took me alittle while to jump the MW2 ship but was totally worth it.

COD4 < Battlefield 1946
MW2 < Battlefield 2

chak_2832d ago

bf '46 is a new BF? ;)

making war after the war might be a little boring

PSWarlord2832d ago

EDIT : Ok chak Mr Know it all lol 1943

gcolley2832d ago

BC1 was better than COD4 as well but nobody noticed. there are still, however, plenty of people online, give it a go. i prefer it to BC2 in regards to the maps. the maps on BC1 were perfection