EA: PS3 Orange Box was a 'challenge situation'

Electronic Arts has called the port of Valve's Orange Box onto PS3 a "challenge situation" - and admitted that the release didn't quite live up to the developer's expectations.

The Orange Box - which contained Half-Life 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, among others - was ported onto PS3 by EA's UK team.

It won good critical acclaim from the press - hitting an 89 per cent average on Metacritic, but some critics bemoaned frame rate issues - and the SKU didn't hit the 95+ heights of the PC and Xbox 360 SKUs.

Indeed, Valve would later call the PS3 port a "stepchild version". The developer told CVG in February that it regretted the release - adding that it didn't put its "best foot forward with the PS3 community".

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GameOn3051d ago

Seems like a strange time for EA to talk about Half-Life. Wonder if there will be a Half-life announcement at E3 or maybe EA is porting portal 2. Interesting times...

Lucreto3051d ago

I hope the port Portal 2 but do a better job this time. I still hope for a Portal: Still Alive on PSN.

sixaxis3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

they still havent fixed glitches and huge lag in TF2. and wheres ps3s all updates,dlcs you knwo, new maps, and costumes etc. whole things which came LONG time ago to pc and 360.

Ocelot5253051d ago

add to that:

-missing sounds on the ps3
-missing textures(like some grass sprites)
-have to reload the level once you die

but the ps3 version also has some exclusive features in comparison with the PC:
-extra hdr effects(like the sun rays in the train station)
-extra static shadows(
-an extra layer of detail textures

i discovered these differences while by putting a laptop running half life 2 next to the PS3

ofcourse i maxed out every setting in the menu

Tony999Montana3051d ago

@sixaxis.. The 360 version of tf2 doesn't have any new maps or weapons etc. There's also a few unpatched glitches and they added class limits which, whilst it should work in theory, it ends up being abused by hosts. I've played tf2 on 360, PC and ps3 (less on 360 admitedly because I only play it at a mates house) and I can say that there's not a giant leap between 360 and ps3. The 2 console versions are quite similar, with 360 being a decent way better, but the PC version so much better than both console versions that it's almost irrelevant.

Personally I'd be happy with another EA port for say L4D2 or Portal 2. Or I would have been had I not recently started playing PC games.

xabmol3051d ago

Yes please!!

Portal is the best thing Valve has ever made! Love the shit out of that game!!

The_Count3051d ago

"I just figured out what that piece you just incinerated was. It was the morality core they installed after I flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin, to stop me from flooding the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin. So please wait while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters."

Glados is such a great charcater.

raztad3051d ago

Orange Box PS3 was far from being a good port, still I'm glad they did it. I bought it for $20 and thats an incredible deal for several quality games.

andron6663051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

The port of OB wasn't top notch, but it was playable. I had played Half-Life 2 on PC and bought OB for PS3 to play through the Episodes, since I dont have a PC to play on anymore.

They should just have left the Team Fortress 2 out and charged less for it. TF2 was the worst in the package because of the lazy porting.

I really hope Episode 3 comes to PS3, but with a quality version this time...

Darkstorn3051d ago

I played through the entire Orange Box on PS3. Apart from a low framerate and some long loading times, it wasn't bad at all.

table3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

not to mention the horribly implemented controls and sub par graphics. I hated the ps3 version and the 360 version although better was also mediocre. It just wasn't meant for consoles. HL2 maxed out still looks better than most recent console games. I personally am not bothered if valve stick to 360/pc, infact I'd probably prefer it.

Persistantthug3050d ago

Because while both are running 720p, the PS3's version has AA and the 360 version does not.

I know they've patched the game several times, so that could be the reason....probably a late fix.

ThanatosDMC3050d ago

It was a terrible port. But i did enjoy HL2 though i have it on Steam... i was just too lazy to play it with a mouse. Weird, i know.

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piroh3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

i don't care about Orange box Valve are lazy i think

hoops3051d ago

Blame EA, they made the crappy port

FarEastOrient3051d ago

I blame Valve for thinking that it is a waste of time to develop for a console that has 36 million owners.

NYC_Gamer3051d ago

yup its Valve fault for not wanting to adavance,i'm happy that EA cared enough to port orange box even though it had alot of probleims...

interrergator3051d ago

of orange box still a awesome game little bugs didnt freeze on me i just want my episode 3 COME ON VALVE

Denethor_II3051d ago

ooooo yummy:) Gabe Newels comments are very tasty indeed.

I wonder if he knew back then that the console "which was a waste of everyone's time" would go on to sell 35+ million (still climing) and produce the greatest games and graphics the industry has ever seen.

quiquitos3051d ago

i had this for my xbox b4 it broke and i decided 2 get a ps3. I should really pick this up again at some point episode 2 and portal were epic!!!

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