Teletext GameCentral Review: ModNation Racers

GameCentral writes: Sony's Mario Kart clone has some impressive customisation tools but as a racer it lacks any real drive.

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yoghurt2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

ha ha, bless them

I love this game, as good as mario kart for me, in fact better as it looks glorious and has a magnitude of create/share features that other katr games can ony dream of!

I hope this has a MASSIVE community, looking forward to some great tracks

oh, and the load times are being fixed, that's already been said

mastiffchild2986d ago

As ever Teletext hating on a PS3 game. Shock,. horror! I couldn't be less shocked if I tried at the world's most clueless review site-by a country mile. It's existence only serves to make sites like GT, GS and IGN almost bearable! Effin amateuers.