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"Sometimes, all you really want to do is watch stuff explode, and it would seem that the folks at Black Rock Studio concur. A rather odd release for Disney, Split/Second is a fast-paced in-your-face racing game of fury. It sets out to change the world of arcade racing and breathe some life into the near-dead genre, and to an extent, it is successful. It doesn’t always hit its mark, however, and isn’t quite the revolutionary game many expected it to be. But still, it is an action-packed adventure of epic proportions that will have you throwing your controller out the window and then promptly chasing after it for another quick round."

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LukeA2839d ago

I'll have to reserve judgement until I can play this myself, but it seems like a beef-up version of the Burnout games, but with some new elements thrown in, that don't seem to work too well. Time will tell.

Murgatroyd72838d ago

That's how a lot of people describe it. I've personally never thought the Burnout games were very fun, but I enjoy Split/Second. The different elements definitely need work, though. And now that I've hit Rank 1, I don't really feel compelled to play online anymore. It's fun with the right people, but it can be so unbalanced sometimes. I am mostly playing it just to keep me busy until Blur.

omicron0092838d ago

never played Burnout, but this game looks sick.

thegreatest78842838d ago

I really though the demo was a little lacking. Sure, there were explosions but I never really felt like I was altering the track as much as the ads said. I mean, the track did change but it felt so scripted that it was expected every match and I never had trouble avoiding things.

Murgatroyd72838d ago

Yes, that is one of the biggest problems with this power-up system. Split/Second fans vehemently criticize Blur for using power-ups like Mario Kart, but once you have played S/S, you know what to expect and when to expect it. It really sucks the fun out of things. When playing online, I am often 10-12 seconds ahead of everyone else and nobody can slow me down because I know what all of the obstacles are. If somebody decides to detonate something, I'm already out of the way. This would be so much fun with a few friends on the couch, though...too bad it only allows two players.

Still, despite its flaws, it is still a really fun game. Not as good as it looked in the trailers, but much better than the demo.

RaymondM2838d ago

Eh, it didn't interest me. I though the game had a gimmick that would lose its fun factor after a few races