Sandbox Gaming

Take the money or open the box? The case for and against sandbox gaming.

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cpuchess2980d ago

I absolutely prefer open world\sandbox games over linear gameplay.

wollie2980d ago

I absolutely prefer linear focus narratives to sand box games, but to each his own i guess.

SILVER1012979d ago

I get too easily distracted in sand box games. Too much choice.

wollie2979d ago

agreed, sand box games have some much to do that nothing feels that important. It like watered down or something. I can only take so much walking/riding/driving to the other side of the map.

Socomer 19792979d ago

Except for farcry 2 and fallout 3.
I absolutly hated those games.

Best open worlds ive played are:
Demons souls (kinda open, sure does feel like it.)
REd dead redemption is earning my respect.