Blacklight: Tango Down Official Website Launched

The official UK web site for Blacklight: Tango Down has gone live today, and features a ton of background content on the upcoming download-only, Unreal Engine 3-powered First-Person Shooter (FPS) from Zombie Studios. Blacklight: Tango Down is set for release on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC this Summer.

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dangert122955d ago

and can't wait for breach who needs cod black ops or mw 2 lol

Letros2955d ago

Yea Breach looks pretty awesome, this game will have co-op so it's kind of a must buy for me =)

dangert122955d ago

same i love co-op
is it only me or do other people think these disc based games made by the bigger devs are going to have to step up because they arcade games are getting really serious and there cheaper i'd rather buy breach and this then and still have money spare to quiet a few disc based games that have came out

ExgamerLegends22955d ago

I'm picking this up. 15 dollars for a fps of that depth is well worth it. looks great.

kevco332955d ago

For the asking price, it certainly looks like you can't go too wrong with this. I'll be following it closely until launch - expecting a big show of it at E3.