Epic Head Predicts Shift Back To PC Gaming From Consoles

Epic Games sees a lot of Project Natal in their future as developers, and they've been notoriously hesitant to bring the Gears of War series back to the PC, at least in part because of piracy. That doesn't change the fact that their head honcho expects to see his industry focus a lot more on PC gaming very soon.

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champ212980d ago

Lol can they make up their minds. Just yesterday think it was their CEO who blamed PC gaming for Piracy. While in truth Epic just has been putting out terrible games and rehashing their old franchises.

There is lot of money to be made on PC gaming Epic, however if you just intend to milk it with a yearly release of some old IP its not gonna work.

For starters you dont have to pay Sony or Micro huge royalties or licensing fees to work on the platform, Nor do PC games need much advertisements. So it can be very cost effective to work on PC, however the console attitude of milking just wont work.

Also yea i do see many people turning to PC gaming, as the generation goes on and consoles lag further behind PC will shine.

chak_2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

[email protected]

seriously we don't need your GOW 18 months later and online sub, or under-par UT3.

maybe they just spoke to DICE...

evrfighter2979d ago

Epic is washed up. The best they'll be able to do is Gears for years to come. They'll be around for awhile no doubt but they're just filler.

In the end they could never realize their own shortcomings and admit to themselves they lost some of their magic. They chose instead to focus on the exploitable gamers and give their core audience the finger.

I really can't see them bringing anything to the pc worth buying. More meh titles and another article claiming how piracy is killing their sales again.

sikbeta2979d ago

Flip Flop at its Finest lol

Downtown boogey2979d ago

"While in truth Epic just has been putting out terrible games and rehashing their old franchises."

"terrible games", ok... Name one, please.

Chris_TC2979d ago

While Epic's stance does seem a bit strange, a certain shift back to the PC will invariably occur as we approach the next console generation.
When PS4 and 720 come out in maybe two years, the user base of those new consoles will be tiny. And the games on the old consoles will look very out-dated. Which leaves the PC to step up to the plate.

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sid4gamerfreak2980d ago

@champ21: PC is already shining, and definitely will continue to shine in the near future.

Agreed, they should make up their minds, and give quality games to use pc gamers, we have high standards.

frankymv2980d ago

Tick tock, tick tock......

IdleLeeSiuLung2979d ago

I think the more correct term, is PC is dying for hardcore gamers. The casual space is flourishing and MMO/RTS is still best on PC!

XactGamer2979d ago

People (console blogs) have been saying PC is dead or dying for 6 years now yet PC is still here.

Pandamobile2979d ago

People have been saying "PC is dying" since the NES days.

Console games will cease to exist long before PC game do.

Lucreto2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I thought there was an article yesterday or the day before saying than Consoles is were the money is at.

PC will come back once the drm issue has been addressed. I am sick of only having the option of installing a game 3 times before it becomes unuseable.

nycredude2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I just traded my 360 with all my games in and bought a gaming laptop. First time using Steam and I think it's pretty cool. There are a lot of games available for cheap. Finally get to try Crysis on Medium to high settings!

Haven't actually bought a game with DRM yet. Can someone tell what the deal is with that. I've heard nothing but awful things about it.

Trey_4_life2980d ago

Lol gaming laptops are FAIL, unless you have an alienware or a dell xps gaming laptop which are a lot more than a traded 360 and games will get you.

eggbert2979d ago

is how companies make sure that people can't pirate their games. The issue with it is that it doesn't work, since people who pirate the game also remove the DRM.

So in actuality, the DRM only effects people who legitimately bought the game and the pirates get a better version of the game for free.

Example, Ubisoft made it so that you can only play some of their games if you have a direct connection to their servers, even if you were playing offline. If you even lost connection for a second the game would freeze up and quit on you regardless of what you were doing in the game. This was again shown when ubisoft's servers crashed and people were unable to play their games until ubisoft got their servers back up.

And yes, if you really want to hardcore game, you should think about getting a PC. Laptops are much harder to upgrade as time goes by, whereas it is relatively simple to upgrade a PC. Don't buy Alienware or w/e the other guy said, they are overpriced like all hell. You could probably sae a few $100 by building it yourself.

Chris_TC2979d ago

You bought what, a gaming LAPTOP? Laptops are for productivity on the road, not for gaming. A mediocre 17 inch screen and a crappy keyboard don't exactly give you a good gaming experience.
I'd rather have kept the console to be honest.

Proxy2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Been playing AI Wars from Arcen games. I had a problem and posted on the tech support forum and the company owner/lead programmer responded to my issue within 5 minutes and offered a fix, which worked. Similarly, I posted a bug once and refreshed the page and another programmer had responded within, literally, 20 seconds of my post.

Guess this is the kind of service you have to settle for with indie games though... :) or you can just stick with Ubisoft.

nycredude2980d ago

Thanks Proxy. I saw on Steam they have tons of Indie Games. Going to need to split up what little time I have between the Ps3 and my new laptop now. This is why I HAD to trade in my xbox 360.

I also saw that Steam was offering Portal for FREE until the 24th of May, what a way to get back into PC gaming!!!

Letros2980d ago

Epic, has-beens to PC gaming, Valve and Blizzard are doing what you could never do again. Stick with the 360 Epic, I suppose its working for ya.

HenryFord2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

This is a huge confidence-thing: EPIC is not able to see their own fails thus blames "pirates". When will it stop already? A lot of publishers/developers already proved that PC-gaming is the way to go (DICE's BFBC2 the best argument here) and that it is possible to sell a whole lot of units to the pc-community. There is only one thing, one thing you have to get right in order to get a chance: Your game has to work and perform well. And well... a little bit of inspiration is not bad as well. (Releasing the 101th UT wont bring you anywhere)

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