Why Screen Resolution Doesn't Matter

NowGamer: Following debate around the resolution and PS3 Vs Xbox 360 version differences of Red Dead Redemption, NowGamer provides an analysis of screen resolution differences and why they simply don't matter, and the rare instances when visuals really do.

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Simon_Brezhnev2952d ago

i like this game and all but i absolutely hate the PS3 controls. The controls are exactly like a 360 controller they better come out with a patch or something.

YoungKiller252952d ago

you can change the controls dont quote me on that but personally i think they are fine,

on topic
the screen resolution for me really does matter. im playing on a 1080p screen and I can see the difference, it adds jaggies all over the place and makes the game seem less smooth, but does it take away from this amazing game, absolutely not

Corrwin2952d ago

Have you played RDR on both 360 and PS3 to confirm that jaggies are only in the the PS3 version?

inveni02952d ago

Playing on a 1080p screen doesn't make a difference if you're playing at low resolution. I think that you mean you're playing on a large screen (42"+). If so, then yes...jaggies will be more visible.

I know people are complaining (my copy has still not arrived), so I'm not sure what to think. Personally, GTA4 looked good enough for me. I was more interested in Euphoria and vehicle damage. There was a lot more tech going on than just the I find it a little more forgivable to go sub-HD since they probably aren't using the SPEs right in the first place. Now, something like FF13, where there's no heavy physics, bio ai, or damage simulating going on....that's a little less forgivable.

raWfodog2952d ago

Dont sit close to the TV and you wont notice little 'jaggies' :)

kneon2952d ago

I'm playing it on a 46" 1080p Tv and the game is visually unimpressive. It's not that it's bad, there is just nothing special about the quality of the graphics. I've have the PS3 version and have seen the 360 version and the PS3 version does have some aliasing issues that aren't apparent on the 360.

bakasora2951d ago

ya how about resolution 50 x 23.7? lol

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divideby02952d ago

I bought the PS3 version instead of the 360 version, since most budz were buying the PS3 version that was the sole reason
Graphically the game to me is not as impressive as I thought it would be. I was expecting more

I DONT see any frigging jaggies and I looked after hearing about them. If the TV is doing the scaling than I understand since I am using an 40" XBR9 which has one of the best scalars. So is the TV doing the scaling ?

I was greatly disappointed in voice chat last nite, the quality in a number of games was poor

joydestroy2952d ago

i hate the PS3 controls as well and i'm not sure why they didn't enable you to remap it, esp the shoulder buttons. it mos def needs a patch!

MNicholas2952d ago

Especially when it's a first or 3rd person action game and you have to be able to see what's shooting at you and from where.

Some games get around their low-res rendering by carefully controlling when and where enemies pop out to the point where you can memorize it and, after a few tries, you can shoot almost without looking.

andron6662952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I enjoyed GTAIV on PS3 and have preordered RDR on on PS3 too.

Lots of badly optimized and sub-hd games this gen, but I care more about having fun and gameplay. As long as it doesn't impact gameplay seriously I'm content.

Not an ideal situation, but the differences aren't that great, and there are other considerations to take into account other than graphics when deciding which version to get too...

Solidus187-SCMilk2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It matters to anyone who has a choice. Hes right, Ill go out and buy the version with a lower native resolution..... Oh wait, no, ill get the better one.

Funny hes saying that resolution doesnt matter when the 360 game has the higher resolution.... But when FF13 came out this fanboy blog was quick to point out that the PS3 version of FF13 is better.

HAHAHAHA. Which Ps3 fanboy from N4G started the fanboy blog of Nowgamer. What a bunch of failure from a blog for 1 day.

Resolution matters, And 360 RDR is HD, Ps3 isnt. Face the facts Nowfanboy blog.

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Downtown boogey2952d ago

Screen resolution matters, fools! I'm not buying this game now that it's half-assed on the PS3 and I do not believe in the reviews since I thought GTAIV was pretty bad and it ended up as the highest rated game ever! I'll go back to ME2 on PC, then Crysis 2 on PS3 and then a re-visit at MGS4 - the best game this gen in my opinion.

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LTC2952d ago

I didn't pay £425 to play games at sub hd which are inferior to the 360 version. Its embarrasing and shameful that R* still cant code PS3 games as good as other developers.

Bioware, Bethesda were able to pull off superior looking PS3 games so R* has no excuse. Resolution does matter especially if its 720p on 360.
I have seen the comparisons are there is quite a difference. The PS3 version should have scored lower just to teach R* a lesson like it did with bayonetta developers(who's next game is lead developed on PS3).

I was so looking forward to this game but after seeing the differences I aint gonna bother.
I dont have high hopes for Agent also.

zme-ul2952d ago

It's amazing that RockStar can't code proper engines for PS3 even after 2 years GTA4 was launched

RockStar won't have my money until they do a proper effin' job!

Corrwin2952d ago

Whilst it is annoying R* can't work on the PS3 as well as they can on the 360, it's not the end of the world.

I (and a few R* fellows) preferred the PS3 version of GTAIV despite it's lower res. The colour tone was more realistic, and it compensated for a lower res by having less Pop-up. I was so fed up with the 360 version crashing into nothing at high-speed, and having it fade into existence because the 360's just caught up.

Even from the screen shots of RDR, some I prefer on PS3 because assets (brush, trees) seem like they belong better in the background, rather than standing out as higher-res, sharp objects that can detract from the overall aesthetic.

It really isn't as big an issue because I doubt you would notice or care when the game is in motion. It would be nice if R* did fix the issue though.

Imalwaysright2952d ago

What?? You are going to skip on RDR just because of its native resolution?? If console gamers care so much about graphics i dont understand why they just dont sell their 360/Ps3/Wii and buy a monster PC. Since when did gamers start choosing wich game they should buy based on its native resolution? Doesnt gameplay, story, having fun matter anymore??

Trey_4_life2952d ago

@LTC i was gonna agree with you and give you +1 bubbles until you stupidly decided to include Agent in the discussion.

Agent is a ps3 exclusive, it has been specifically built from the ground up to utilise the console's strong points, like ALL exclusive games do, also it is being made by a completely different developer (Rockstar north, GTA series) who are much better coders and won't make a mistake like they did on GTA4.

Chris_TC2952d ago

This article makes no sense whatsoever. The PS3 has brought Blu-ray into peoples' homes, a format that is vastly superior to DVD.

And now we learn that resolution doesn't matter? If gameplay is what counts in games then the storyline is what counts in movies, right? So who needs HD? In fact, who needs DVD? You can follow the storyline on a video tape just as well. In fact, who needs color? You can follow the storyline in black/white just fine.

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sid4gamerfreak2952d ago

@LTC: Agreed, resolution definitely matters in games, the difference is noticeable. I blame Rockstar for not being able to successfully code the ps3 game and make it inferior than the 360 version. Many other devs like LTC said have been able to make superior ps3 version games.

The Wood2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

says it does.

Lets see if they can at least make Agent HD

olLANDSHARKlo2952d ago

Now it doesn't matter to the PS3 fanboys, they are unreal.

Double Toasted2952d ago

Rather pathetic isn't it? But yet they don't want to be bunch together or generalized, but I can't recall any of them calling each other out on this type of sh*t either...

bjornbear2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

you are all acting so childish, going about shouting "yay they did it to us now we can do it to them ha ha"

if resolution didn't matter to you before, it doesn't now

a real gamer doesn't get bothered by this, only fanboys and pissy consumers

raWfodog2952d ago

I never cared about minor resolution differences, but then again, I'm not the fanboy you were obviously referring to :)

I love all my consoles. But with that said, I will still be buying RDR for my PS3 because of the extra content and mainly because I dont do LIVE.

olLANDSHARKlo2952d ago

5.3 I have all systems also, but I picked up RDR for the 360. The extra content I could care less about, plus the extra content is unlockable in the 360 version, and xbox live is head and shoulders better than the psn.

raWfodog2951d ago

...but not shoulders :)

The fact is that I refuse to PAY to play with other people when I can do it for FREE on the PSN. FYI, I have never had any problems connecting to PSN to play online. I have an excellent connection :)

The only time I cant connect is when the entire network is down for maintenance or some system-wide problem which LIVE also has periodically.

badz1492952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

so, the PS3 version SUCKS because it's sub-HD? ok, I'll live with that but using the same logic; Halo3, MW, MW2, SC:C, AW, Star Ocean, FFXIII etc. all SUCK! those are all sub-HD games as well! don't start calling names if people think like that because you're doing the same thing!

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