Lara dev: 'Pre-owned market not good for anyone'

Computerandvideogames' Tom Pakinkis writes: The used game market isn't beneficial for anyone, Crystal Dynamics' global brand director Karl Stewart has said.

Stewart told CVG that the industry has to look at ways to encourage people to buy first hand copies of games.

"Retail, I don't see it going away for a long time yet but I do see us having to be more creative in the way we blend the two together," he said.

"I think the model as we see it right now is a frail one. Having the used market is not beneficial to any of us.

"Some of the plays that have been made more recently about having DLC available when you buy the game and then adding a charge to the consumer who buys it second hand, I think that's just naturally the way it's going to have to go to deal with those kind of situations."

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dizzleK2833d ago

lol how ironic considering there hasn't been a tomb raider game worth buying new in over a decade.