Sega pleased with Yakuza 3 sales in the west

Although Yakuza 3 wasn’t exactly selling like hotcakes, Sega still seem pleased with the sales results for the Playstation 3 exclusive so far in the west.

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Simon_Brezhnev3012d ago

Thats good now they can bring Yakuza 4

SaiyanFury3012d ago

Well no shyte Sega! There's a lot of people here who love the series for it's depth, narrative, and gameplay. I've long said that if you bring it, they will come (not a reference to Field of Dreams, people :P). Good games bring decent sales. The Yakuza series is one of excellence, and good on you for acknowledging that there is indeed a base here for said series. Now, for the love of God, PLEASE bring out Kenzan here! As well as the 4th game. And release the damned DLC for the hostess clubs already. It annoys the heck out of me that I can see them on the map, only dimmed grey, and not removed outright, with the names coming up. Do it already!

ssipmraw3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

im all for yakuza 4, just dont skimp on content and remove the japanese theme song and ending themes this time

while theyre at it work on getting kenzan as well out to the rest of the world!!!

sikbeta3012d ago

I really Hope they Bring Yakuza4, funny thing is that they [Sega] are pleased with the sales of Yakuza 3 that came out the same month GOW3 and FF13 came out and by that those titles killed the sales of Yakuza3

Next Time Sega, make sure you don't release the Sequels of This Specific Franchise in the Same month of Big Titles and you'll be more Than Pleased...

fedex6823012d ago

Yakuza 3 was awesome...please Sega bring the fourth installment to NA!

kingdavid3012d ago

Considering we did our bit, how about a non half assed localization for yakuza 4 then next time? (A game with no parts taken out and actually with english voice acting).

ThanatosDMC3011d ago

F yeah! They better fix the translations and hopefully not take out any of the awesome content. We couldnt even play some of the fun minigames in Y3.

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ClownBelt3012d ago

Booya biatches. At first I wasn't sure about this title, but after playing it, I was blown away. This is a must play game.

yoshiroaka3012d ago

Booya indeed mother-what!!
Bring on yakuza 4 and the psp version!

p.s. it been so long since ive heard someone use booya, lol.

THC CELL3012d ago

its a good game to get into

story is really good

Solbadguy3012d ago

Can`t wait for Yakuza 4.

Redempteur3012d ago

same here ...

waiting for Y4 as well ..bring kenzan or 4.. sega !! If you're really pleased that is ...

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The story is too old to be commented.