Reasons why the PSN is better than Xbox Live

PS3Hype writes: 'What is the best Gaming Network? A question that is known by alsmost every PS3 and 360 gamer. The PSN is free! But Xbox Live is better. But is this true? At PS3Hype we've looked at some of the PSN services and the PSN connectivity, and looked if Xbox Live is still better than the PSN.'

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van-essa2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

To everyone one out there tired of seeing these kind of crap (flamebait articles, Hiphopgamer...) put the "filter" on "strict".
I just tried it and this "article" for instance dissapeared.

cereal_killa2982d ago

Cool to know but HHG is like Herpes, may go away for a while but you can never get rid of them.

Nitrowolf22982d ago

were is the filter? sorry

toaster2982d ago

@ Nitrowolf

It's under the top 5 hottest and above the current frontpage news.

I got mine on Off because reading peoples' stupid comments is very funny. But it should be on by default.

Captain Tuttle2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Thank you van-essa. Thanks you a million times.
And don't forget to rate the website either.


duplissi2982d ago

you just made my day cereal.... lol.

van-essa2982d ago

I just realised that the "filter" goes back to "on" each time you restart the browser.
The solution to this is to go to your "account", then "settings" and from there you set the "quality filter" to what you want it to be.

I hope this helps and sorry for my poor english...

ShinMaster2981d ago

BUT! It's still pretty much a flamebait article nonetheless. Very unnecessary.

You have to reset the filter on to whatever you want it to be per page.

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AAACE52982d ago

You only get demos for certain games so you don't have to worry about clutter. XBL gives you way too many demos to try out and who wants all those choices right?

PSN only allows you to chat with people by text while XBL gives you the option to talk with your headset at anytime, but who wants to do that right?

The CELL processor is so powerful you have to download something, then install it and possibly have to update it, which gives you alot of time to marvel at the Ps3's beauty. 360 just downloads it and lets you play it right away, but that takes time away from bonding with your system and who wants to do that right?

XBL redesigned the interface to easily navigate and access items, but no one likes things to get better, so PSN kept the older setup that XBL used to have.

I could go on and on about why PSN is better than XBL, but the main thing that helps PSN win is that it's free!

StanLee2982d ago

^^^^^^ This post is so full of win!

Wrathman2982d ago

superb goin to go ahead and make love to your bubbles and make another baby bubble for to take care of.

movements2982d ago

PSN is a great service but it's not better than Xbox Live IMO. Xbox Live is great, but it's not better than PSN IMO.

Both services are great. Can gamers show some love to each other.... It's not about war people.

It's about playing games.

dangert122982d ago

i agree its not better but what makes it more satisfying is its free but free don't mean better all the time

vhero2982d ago

MS knows its getting harder and harder to justify that Xbox live fee especially everytime Sony match there features and add there own unique features. But without the fee MS couldn't afford to pay for exclusive and Xbox would die so MS needs to do something to make it worthwhile and fast and I think after adding facebook etc.. they are running out of ideas..

dangert122982d ago

theres alot more said 2 come that they havent added i think there waiting till e3 i'ver way the are letting me down joy ride not here and PD took how long 2 come out games room is shit i can get a skybox for free so don't see why i need an xbox 2 watch it and pay fee's got last fm on pc and prefer it there facebook on xbox is abit shabby can't do anything put post comments and reply to comments and look at photo's

dizzleK2982d ago

its free. good enough for me. i can play games online without any trouble, message my friends and see what games they're playing. thats all i need or want. it's also nice to feel like i'm not being forced to play to "get my money's worth".

DrDreadlox2982d ago

Seriously it has all I need in an online service and best of all, it's free. I don't know why anyone can justify paying to play online.

talltony2982d ago

has dedicated servers for all its big mp exclusives! FOR FREE!

edhe2982d ago

Because services cost money to run.

Even back with 'free online pc gaming' i was forking out euros every quarter for the servers we had to run.

Adrela2982d ago

Servers cost money. Sure, maybe it is annoying to pay-to-play, but I hate it when gamers are selfish and want everything for free. It's like a car, it's needs gas to run and that gas costs money.

samich20072982d ago

I can live with that :P But what I wanted to say in this article is that the PSN has grown extremly in the last years! And I like the way that Sony has managed this all when it's still free...
Xbox Live is also a great sevice absolutly. The advanges of that service is that the Servers are being host by microsoft self, and not by the game publishers.

waltercross2982d ago

I'm gonna approve this, hope I don't regret the inevitable!.