Namco Bandai Unveil 2010 Line-Up

The publisher showcased the likes of Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Test Drive Unlimited 2, a new title in the Blue Dragon series, Ninja Theory’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and the troubled modern remake of the ‘90s series Splatterhouse. All of these are expected to launch throughout Europe in 2010, prior to the PlayStation Portable exclusive God Eater, which will launch in 2011 after benefiting from significant commercial success in Japan since its launch this February.

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dizzleK2833d ago

i'm eagerly awaiting splatterhouse and enslaved is simply gorgeous, i've got alot of faith in it.

kevco332833d ago

Yeah, I'm very interested to see how Splatterhouse turns out. I've got the second one on the Mega-Drive (Genesis), and while it's nothing special it's a fun little game...

hihosilver2833d ago

where's my tales damit? is Namco europe the people behind the tales series?
man i want a new tales game or TOV released in NA

SpoonyRedMage2833d ago

Wait till E3 to see if Graces or Vesperia PS3 are coming over, if they're not there it's not happening.

Redempteur2833d ago

20000% seconded !!


Seriously ...

Wolfie2833d ago

Where's Naruto UNS2 ? :(

KillaManiac2833d ago

I agree...that is oddly missing.

It has a street date at my Gamestop where I work.

Also UNS2 will be at lets hope confirmation for 2010 there.

SpoonyRedMage2833d ago

Only game I want is the new Blue Dragon but I would get Tales of Graces if they released it here.

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The story is too old to be commented.