Aion 2.0 Set For Autumn

GamerZines: The long-awaited 2.0 update for Aion is set for an Autumn release according to producer Chris Hager. He outlined the plans in his most recent community address.

The content orientated update includes new instanced dungeons, additional travel methods for Daevas and a brand new homeland named Balaurea to explore.

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Gun_Senshi2860d ago

I had high hopes for this game, I even bought Collecter's Edition!

I got to Max Level too, but there is NO CONTENT in the game, but what most pissed me off is the horrible pvp balance and combat mechanics.

Why do Physical Characters (Glad, Ranger, Templar, Assassin) use Magic Accuracy and Magic boost?

Why can people get total immunity to spells with 5k Magic Resistance?

Who's idea was it to nerf all damage in pvp by 50% but leave all healing intact?

Who's idea is it to make Melee Characters to have "Out Of Range" only in their screen, even if you are inside the target. This is espically true in flight combat.

Why are Abyss Points System so horrible? PVE People get more AP then PvPers!

Baka-akaB2860d ago

i feel exactly the same as you , as a fellow GW player .

I had hope , especially when even in looks , Aion seemed to borrow a lots of idea from its GW western cousin .

Yet it's the same disguised wow crap mixed with the same old lineage crap .

noxeven2860d ago

I feel the same as the other two. I got to max level. I started collecting the epic gear got to pants. My entire guild who were second in ranking on the server quits. Mind you this is now the 4th guild that had died since the game had started that I joined. So we form another one that dies. People start quiting left and right from other guilds that I normal group with. Pretty soon elyos control the abyss entirely and once you run dp enough times you really have nothing left. Then of course you try to pvp but when the other race out gears you. Forget it

Baka-akaB2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

The worst part of the balance is how it discouraged entirely pvp from the start , asides from the uber classes , and group vs 1 ganking with rift portals .

What's the point , when half of the classes are only worth playing in pvp once you're level max and geared up ?

So on my server it was always the same ol guys battling it out , while the rest is busy grinding for xp and items . Then come along the grind for AP and abyssal items , and then people notice that even after the ordeal of getting max level and great gear , they are all inferior to abyssal stuff from AP .

But it's too late those cheap mages , spirit master and priests who pvped from the start are already abyss full .

Even the skills are a constant grind .

In huge battle , the game even lose its biggest and only advantage , its graphics , with everyone lowering details so they dont crash .

Gun_Senshi2860d ago

In Aion, Best Gear is from PVE (Fenris Set, forgot name for Elyos)

People who prefer to pvp only and don't grind for this gear will auto loose against these pve people due to being unbeatable.

Hurray Magic Resistance!

I'm a Sin

I see Cleric
Sneak up and try to stun lock
Fail because of his uber pve gear
Fail to kill him due to his pve gear and too much hp
Instantly heals to full life

Roots me, which 8 second root with 10 second recharge time

One shots me