Red Steel 3? 'Only if we have an audience' - dev

computerandvideogames' Thomas East writes:
With Ubisoft declaring that Red Steel 2 sales met expectations, what does this mean for the future of the series on Wii? Well, as Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe recently told ONM, his team would like to make a sequel if there's an audience for it.

When asked what's next for his team, Vandenberghe said "hopefully we'll roll into the next project and start building something even cooler than what we've accomplished with this game, but first we need to understand if we even have an audience.

"How many people want to play a game where you stand up and swing your arm vigourously? We think the answer is 'a lot.' But some cold, hard facts never hurt the situation when pitching the next project."

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jay22983d ago

Nice, I enjoy RS1/2.

rumplstilts2983d ago

At the moment my Wii is broke and I deperately need to pick up a black one. I am missing oout on so many great titles it makes me sick. MHTri Red Steel 2 S&P:SS and I will end up missing out on Galaxy 2 Conduit 2 and Other M if I don't get a new one soon enough. And the Grinder is gonna be awesome (The wii version at least, if I wanted to play a game like that I'd play Hunter: The reckoning.)

SpoonyRedMage2983d ago

Red Steel was a big step in the right directions but there's still a long way to go. Now with the Lyn engine fully in place a RS3 should be cheaper and easier, especially considering they don't need to experiment with Motionplus.

EvilTwin2983d ago

Yep. RS2 was late to the game, but it was really just a Motion Plus launch title; it is the only action/adventure game to utilize it. The combat is astounding, and the graphical style is ace, but there's a LOT more to expand on.

I hope they get the chance for RS3. Vandenberghe's team delivered a great game, and I'd love to see them take it even further.