Ubisoft: 50% of games 3D by 2012

Ubisoft has said that around 50 per cent of all new games will be 3D-enabled by 2012. Read on for the full story.

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mushroomwig2894d ago

More than I expected, I just hope that by 2012 we do not have to wear those annoying glasses. xD

Daver2894d ago

They are not annoying, after a few mins you dont even feel them anymore.

On topic, 50% of games thats awesome, i cant wait to try them. 3D gaming is gonna be great!

SpoonyRedMage2894d ago

The 3DS is coming within a year and doesn't require glasses.:D

Also Ubisoft is probably referring to crap like Imaginez 3D even though people are not buying their shovelware which is why they lost money.

raztad2894d ago

Just Dance is selling a lot more than many AAA games out there.

Regarding the 3DS, I dont expect anything but just a cheap fake 3D effect.

ChickeyCantor2894d ago


Ive seen TV's that didnt need glasses and while it was still in development the quality was actually amazing.

If anything similar is used for 3DS, then i dont think its gonna be "cheap".

SpoonyRedMage2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Just Dance is the odd one out though, Ubisoft actually secified that their dro in profits have come from the fact that nobody buys their shovelware on the DS any more and the reason the Imaginez games weren't abused as much on the Wii was because no one bought them.

and if that's what you expect than I expect you'll be pleasantly surprised considering the tech for full 3D on a portable(with touch screen) has been made available by Sharp, Nintendo's primary screen supplier.

EDIT: Parallax barriers? Yer, the problem with the TVs is limited viewing angle which isn't a problem with a portable. But costwise it will probably be cheap, effectwise it will probably be anything but.

KitsuneNL2894d ago

So it means that we can play 3D games before we all die in 2012! =)

Daver2894d ago


Do you really think that 3DS will use that technology? I dont think so, Even if the 3D without glasses has great quality there's a reason why its not on the market yet.. It's not ready to be release and when they will launch i expect to be more expensive that 3D tvs of today.

I agree with Raz, I dont expect anything but just a cheap fake 3D effect for the new DS.

ChickeyCantor2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Its not on the market because HD is NOW.
Everyone is going crazy over HD, next step( and you slowly see it happening)
"3D ready", but you still need the glasses.
Its way to early to even go with standalone 3D tv's, why? because HD just kicked in. Its the Sh/t now....In a positive sense.
Its all business, not because its not possible.

The Tv i've seen used 2 additional pixels per pixel.
And making it for a handheld cant be that expensive.

The tech already exists, they are just waiting for the right time.
Now we will use Glasses for the "3D ready" tv's, and then they will hype us up and say "tv's that dont need glasses".
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $$$$$$$$$$$

Yeah and i really think 3DS will use Such tech.
The TV i'm talking about was shown 2/3 years back.

SpoonyRedMage2894d ago

Well Sharp, Nintendo's main screen supplier, recently announced production of 3.5 Inch 3D, touch enabled screens and specifically mentioned use in handhelds. So it is quite likely they're using the tech.

and the reason Parallax barrier isn't used in TVs is because you only have around a 30 degree viewing angle which means if you move to the left or the right you lose the effect. This isn't a problem with a handheld.

I wonder if they'll be this scepticism if/when Sony announce that the PSP2 will be 3D.