New PS3 Firmware Coming June

SystemLink: "The Official Playstation Magazine has revealed that a new PS3 firmware is heading your way in June."

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mjolliffe3133d ago

Yes! :)

It'll arrive on the evening of announcement at E3, I'm guessing...

sinncross3133d ago

That would be cool: they may even make it the first announcement at their conference and then BAM:
Kevin Butler arrives to tell you how as the VP of software upgrades, he had made it his mission to have the firmware update released later that day.

would be nice :)

WhittO3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I think they will deffinitely have KB at their conference, prob in a pre-recorded video announcing something.

As for the FW, this basically confirms that there will be an update around E3.

Just a guess but how good would it be if they said they are no longer featuring the PS2 at E3 any more....because the PS3 is going to takeover from now on by getting full BC compatibility (basically turning it into a PS2 anyway).

Hoping for a big PSN/XMB revamp though.

Robert Patrick3133d ago

E3 is gonna be special with Sony this year.

hay3133d ago

Having KB live on E3 would be awesome enough.

booni33133d ago

So do we need a special TV? Yes?

vhero3133d ago

Sony gonna announce something huge that requires this new firmware at E3 like PS2 playback. In fact I reckon at E3 they will say something like GTA 3 and Vice city are available on PSN store........NOW! And the gaming world will explode lol. You couldn't make this crap up.... Or Could I?

SuperStrokey11233133d ago

Its not going to happen, it would be great but it wont. It will be a new update in support of premium PSN. What that will all include only sony knows.

sikbeta3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

New FW is Coming to add loads of Stuffs people were asking + Full 3D and at the same time, something tells me that PSN Premium is coming too, without Touching Free On-line Gaming

whoelse3133d ago

It says to introduce 3D gaming. I thought 3.30 did that?

SuperStrokey11233133d ago

3.3 did 3d movies, gaming apparantly need something different.

kharma453133d ago

3.30 preped the PS3 system for some upcoming new features, including 3D stereoscopic gaming.

3D Blu-ray is still a while off yet on the PS3, actual 3D gaming will come in the next FW with movies the one after.

Christopher3133d ago

Yeah, likely same day as their E3 conference. Hopefully this means some even larger additions are in the works for the firmware update. Like two years ago they did the video store that opened the night of the conference.

FACTUAL evidence3133d ago

Wonder what's going to be in store for this update...I promise i won't get my hopes up this time..

EvilBlackCat3133d ago


Hanif-8763133d ago

Coming on guys we all know that its a redesigned XMB to accommodate the new paid subscription services :-)

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ClownBelt3133d ago ShowReplies(3)
alphakennybody3133d ago

yeeaaaa! 3-d is coming,I can't wait to test it out.

kharma453133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It'll be interesting when 3D arrives on PS3 to see how much momentum it gains.

The_Firestarter3133d ago

3D looks to be a promising feature for the PS3 soon enough. I wonder how games like GT5, KZ2, UC2, and GOW3 would look in 3D. Mmmmm, delicious eye candy. :D

xaviertooth3133d ago

who knows, x-game chat and universal custom soundtrack might be announced. i'd like to see the faces of xbox fanboys when that happen.

MajestieBeast3133d ago

They would just go xboxlive is still superior because uhmmmm we pay for it derp derp.

Cueil3133d ago

they'll probably wonder why it took 5 years for Sony to do something that it's main competitor has been doing since day one

Christopher3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Ignorance is blissful, Cueil. Being an informed person on games, you know why. You know the issues they have with utilizing methods that are already patented by their competitor which leaves them with utilizing a third-party application that increases load on the processing in addition to their games and can adversely affect said games.

Honestly, I don't think we'll hear about x-game chat unless it's a premium feature that essentially means you're paying to be a part of a Ventrilo-like community. I really don't see any other way Sony can do it since Microsoft most likely won't even allow Sony to license their own technology. It's what I'd do, at least.


The Cross Game Voice chat is coming for PSN Premium.

benandlol3133d ago

Its gonna be for everyone. :)

mastiffchild3132d ago

XGC s a crap feature that absolutely RUINED some games on Live. TF2 is a mess because of it, imo, an it's why I no longer pay for a Gold sub. If it comes to PSN iot will be a very black day in my life-all it does is take people's minds off what they're doing and can't we wait a minute or two to speak to our mates these days? I can and think it's rude to your mates and your team mates not to give them all your attention when you game with them or talk with them-and with XGC you don't do that.

To say nothing of the cheating possibilities. XGC can sod off-even more than bloody Live avatars. Seriously, why do we HAVE to have one?

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