Dead Nation Still A Game, New Launch Window Revealed

SCEE has finally updated the Dead Nation website with a launch date. The new date added is a time frame in the busiest section of the year, the ultra packed Holiday months (Oct-Dec). Hopefully this won't effect the games sales.

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Bathyj2984d ago

C'mon, bring it already.

Daver2984d ago

Yeah bring it! I wish it was released earlier tho but at least we got some 'news' about it. That game looks very fun!

gtamike1232984d ago

Cool, I really want this game I love ZOMBIES!!!

jaosobno2984d ago

Damn, was hoping for earlier release... Game looks awesome!

Kerrby2984d ago

Didn't this game have 4 players when it was announced? Or was that Zombie Apocalypse?

Because now it says only 1-2 players...

Kerrby2984d ago

What is with you people and disagrees?

What's there to disagree with in my comment? It's a question FFS.

Also have the balls to reply and explain why you disagree.

MexicanAppleThief2984d ago

lol, dude don't bother. In this site you'll get a disagree no matter what you say.

Kerrby2983d ago

Yeah fair enough.

+1 bubbles for you.

unrealgamer582984d ago

I'm ready for It.

But I doubt sony Will be doing a full commercial for this, So I'm hoping we'll see a coop zombie game for the ps3?

Also couldn't the zombie commercial be for dead rising 2?

Or am I mistaken to think that sony would do a "dear playstation" commercial for a third party game?

jay22984d ago

Also couldn't the zombie commercial be for dead rising 2?

No, the guy on the PS Blog said 'It only does everything'. AKA it's a PS3/PSP/PSN exclusive.

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