PS3 DVR Kit Getting an Update

Andriasang: Sony will be giving its PlayStation 3 digital tuner and DVR kit Torne a major update this June. The update will take the device to version 2.0.

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DJexs2801d ago

Yah but its good its getting em

SuperStrokey11232801d ago

Im kinda shocked these were not in it at the start

Jdoki2801d ago

The PlayTV device in Europe has been a great purchase for me.

Just a shame the original claim that it could play HD broadcasts with a simple update turned out to be a crock!

kharma452801d ago

That's not Sony's fault though, blame OFCOM/UK government for deciding to use DVB-T2.

phalanx_mark2801d ago

PlayTV IS a high def tuner. Its just that the UK broadcasting authority decided to switch spec to a higher capacity one in the last minute rendering it obsolete as a HD device. Apparently though a major software update is on the way in the fall for PlayTv. Something to do with facebook i think.

unrealgamer582801d ago

stupid usa with It's stupid behind the times technology....... I want this

Ju2801d ago

Not sure why nothing like this is available in the US. The HD standard is defined since a while now. Cable providers need to provide a key card for open set-top boxes (which such a device would basically be). Even that is standardized. ATSC is the HD over the air signal, not sure what digital cable is (but I guess the same). Every sh!tty USB tuner can handle over the air and cable HD signals by now. Really makes me wonder, why the Americas don't have such a device...

zag2801d ago

That won't work on a digital set top box

The PlayTV box is a DBT or DBV box your signals won't get seen by playTV via the cable box as they'd be analogue.

Also USA don't do free to air digital signals.

As there is only aerial and usb cable.

mindedone2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

and no, digital cable providers cannot encrypt ALL digital channels, specifically the ones that are acailable over the air (thanks, FCC, I guess) if you don't believe me, try it out. If you have a tv with a clearqam tuner, plug it in to the coax and see all the network channels and weird channels you didn't know you had.

@cgoodno and @zag: you guys are misinformed.

Christopher2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

What's the point of utilizing an HD recorder if:

1. You have to have two cable connections; 1 for general unencrypted local channels and 1 for your digital set-top box used for viewing the majority of channels that are available and are encrypted?

2. You can't record the majority of programs you want (USA, FX, HBO, MAX, Showtime, TMS, Comedy Central, and a lot more)?

For all intents and purposes, an HD recorder is not a viable solution because it's only good enough to record unencrypted channels which make up only a portion of the TV that people watch.

I wasn't wrong in what I said, in order to record Cable-provided channels, you need a set-top box for decrypting those stations. You can get some without it, but those fall very short of what your Cable company provides.

mindedone2800d ago

you said that all signals are enctypted, which they are not. And for many people, me included, network channels are enough. For my subsciber, USA, 8omedy central, vh1, nickelodeon, et al are not encrypted. I'm subrscribed to premium channels that I am foolishly payinf for. So maybe for you it isn't enough, but for all intents and purposes it is for me

Christopher2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

No, I said "Data is now encrypted based on your provider". The last statement was in regard to using a set-top box from a provider, which is required to use if you want to use their service at all since they do encrypt their channels, but you can get them without their service as well but would need to use two different source feeds to do as such.

So your options are use the set-top box from your provider for all channels from one source or utilize two sources, one for your set-top box and one for a digital converter enabled source. It's illogical that you would use the latter if you have a provider.

Furthermore, you CAN'T even get cable service without owning at least one set-top box. It is required that you rent at least one from them.

mindedone2800d ago

that you made states that all data is encrypted, and that's not the case. I'd higligt and and copy and paste but I'm typing on the phone. And to say that you MUST Have an STB is completely incorrect. A salesperson migt tell you that, but it would be a lie. I've probably propogated the same lie to a customer. But even w verizon fios, that only broadcasts digital cable signals, it CLEARLY states on the ordering screen that you do not need to rent an stb.

Christopher2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

mindedone: Take some time and read what I said above.

You're focusing way too much on only part of the last sentence without realizing it's about all of the channels being sent from the provider in that last sentence and that to view ANY channel from a cable provider, you MUST HAVE a set-top box. This doesn't mean you can't view the over-the-air channels without one, but you can't view them from your cable provider without one.

And since we're both out of comments, this will likely go nowhere beyond this statement.

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Christopher2801d ago

Nothing like this is available in the U.S. because Cable/Satellite companies want you to rent their devices. Data is now encrypted based on your provider, so you'd have to buy a system that could be set to decrypt your provider's specific digital signal, which is different by region. But, the companies here make $5-15 a month extra if they can force you to use their devices, which are even required now for SD viewing since all data is encrypted.

willie62892800d ago

same reason TV's with built in digital tuners never took off. All you had to do was insert the card, but the cable companies never provided the cards.
And if you could get a card your were sure to be missing some choice channels...

gtamike1232801d ago

This is the best device to record your gaming! :)

Rhythmattic2801d ago


It just might be that, but it isn't a TV Tuner that integrates with the XMB.

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