Will "Alan Wake" Up 360 Gamers?

The reviews are in and Alan Wake now available in stores. Despite mixed reviews, the fan fervor is still strong. Though a few people have opted to buy Red Dead Redemption instead, Alan Wake will be Microsoft’s top seller this month. But what about the next month? And the months after?

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niceguywii603133d ago

Hmmm A lot of people on my friend list have been playing it so that is a good sign based on other good sellers.

goalweiser3133d ago

Well hopefully that trend will continue. I'd really like to see this game win over gamers and do some serious sales. If it can hit 3 million in under 6 months, there's a good possibility it could turn industry heads.

Sure the game isn't perfect but it's the ideas that are well crafted here.

Stuart57563132d ago

It won't hit 3 million, they will be lucky to hit 2, I hope i'm wrong, I would like to see Alan Wake 2 in 18 months (a bit ambitious) but if sales are shite.....

IdleLeeSiuLung3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I only finished episode one, and the game is so far amazing. The atmosphere is done so well. I have yet to see any faults, but it might just be to early.

With that said, I love the idea of episodic content, but hope the game has a satisfying ending.

In terms of sale, this game didn't get a midnight opening. The local Best Buy I went too whom is usually really busy only had 2 pre-orders for the Limited Edition. Both, whom was mine!

The LE by the way, is one of the best value I have seen in an LE to date. Great stuff!!!

HammockGames3132d ago

And I can say with conviction that this game rocks.

I was really afraid it would be an Alone in the Dark rehash. This blows that game out of the water. IMHO it's way creepier than Resident Evil 5 (but not in the same league as Dead Space).

It looks great, it plays great, it's unique enough to stand out.

My biggest gripe is some of the cut scenes Plastic-like faces that don't seem shaped quite right or move naturally. But aside from that, I can't really complain at all. And the rest more than makes up for that.

If you own a 360, buy this game!!!

Inside_out3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Having played thru it recently, I can tell you it's alot of fun...Not sure if the COD nation will like it BUT for fans of games like RE4, it's a long time coming...Playing the game does give you a different perspective on the reviews...The DLC thats coming out in July is free to first time buyers...'s a peak...

callahan093132d ago

Wow that video you posted is pretty cool. I'd like to see the Alan Wake engine licensed out and used for some other games, it looks pretty powerful with the lighting and weather conditions they have.

Cold 20003132d ago

"However, we’ve seen that even the most creative of titles such as Fable 2 or even storied franchises such as Final Fantasy have been quickly forgotten by the Xbox 360 faithful."

What the heck ? Fable 2 sold 3.5 million. And FF has already passed 1 million.

Brklynty13132d ago

Fable 2 can get a pass but lets be honest cold, whem M$ and SE made that deal they were expecting more than just 1 millon sales world wide, in NA they probably expected at least 2 million alone due to the so high install base

goalweiser3132d ago

Do you ever hear anybody talk about Fable period? I haven't heard about that game since it released. You hear the word Halo or about Gears atleast once a month.

callahan093132d ago

I wasn't so sure whether I should get Alan Wake because of some of the reviews. It didn't score as well as Splinter Cell Conviction, which worried me because I didn't like Splinter Cell at all. But I took the plunge on Alan Wake anyway, and I'm not disappointed. I'm having lots of fun with it. I'm actually having more fun with it than I did with Mass Effect 2. At this point, Alan Wake gets my vote for 360 exclusive of the year. I don't know if that will change by year end, but somehow I don't think it will. Alan Wake is just my kind of game from top to bottom.

ryuzu3132d ago

Yep AW is a necessary purchase - gotta try and get some exclusive love back on the 360....

Personally though it's not my kind of game and with RDR arriving I can't see it getting played so I guess I'll trade it in.


tinybigman3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

And I wasn't even interesting in the game at first feeling it was just Alone in the Dark with a flashlight. But I took a chance and was rewarded with a finely made game from start to finish.

I saw a report on vgc saying that said it only did 88k in its opening in europe, I hope that's not true. I was glad that people supported HR and I hope people support this one.

Us gamers need to support creative games like HR, AW and not just keep buying shooter after shooter after shooter.

Christopher3132d ago

Hope to start playing it tomorrow night. Got a lot of time this weekend set aside for doing some gaming, might even finish Heavy Rain and Alan Wake.

avengers19783132d ago

"a few people have opted to buy RDR" that's funny because everyone knows RDR will sell way better than Alan Wake(and I mean just on the 360)

avengers19783130d ago

looks like I was right so much for disagrees.

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dizzleK3133d ago

i don't own a 360 nor will i play this game but i'd love to see people buy it up. i'd rather people buy cool games like this than another damn online fps.

dangert123133d ago

this game is'll get a 360 on the next price drop there amazing fun

Cryptech3132d ago

Being a PS3 gamer first and foremost I also have to say that this game was the reason I picked up an XBOX last month.
Now Ive played both gears, MW2 again, Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and of course Alan Wake. I am glad I finally got around to getting an XBOX and I really like the community so far.

whitesoxfalife3132d ago

ay here is my gamertag "whitesoxfalife" and trust us we are some good gamers over here on the 360 side of things......

hennessey863132d ago

dont no why you got disagrees for sayin that but add me my gamertags hennessey86

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Nathan Drake23133d ago


LOL 3 million in 6 months? i think it will sell 1 million LTD. that's not bad for game with 82 on metacritic.

mittwaffen3132d ago

Mr. 1 bubble troll.

Bet you haven't played it.
Quite the amazing game.

Stuart57563132d ago

Ha ha, 'mr one bubble troll', he may only have one bubble but he's right, don't get me wrong the game is good, not amazing though mittwaffen, quite some way off amazing.

mittwaffen3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

So, how I view it isnt Game Vs Game its what Alan Wake does that other Horror/Thriller games haven't, and its quite abit.

You never feel safe, even in battles you are extremely vulnerable (Step one to a well playing game)

Best natural environments i've seen on a console. This added with the weather effects (Dense fog, rain etc.)

Open World (There actually are open world elements in the game, where I can go drive way off path and find an old cabin, lodge, ranger tower and loot. Only to get jumped on the way out, or while inside by many foe (you pretty much think your dead when you see that many; which I really haven't experienced that sense of giving up hope, all is lost.)

Every fight is almost your last (Play on Hard or Nightmare)

Have you played the whole game? I'm just about to finish and my opinion still stands, this is top 3 horror/thriller game i've played.

Silent Hill 1 (Was a masterpiece)
Silent Hill 2 (A lesser of the first)
Alan Wake (Not the same sinister style; but effective in its own way)

Its like Secret Window/Twin Peaks/Silent Hill all mixed together and Alan Wake you have.

Pillville3132d ago

Why do people keeps saying that it's still "Open World" and "Huge Environments".

This is one of the most linear "Walk down this path" games I've ever played. Just because you can walk to the back of a house to find a thermos, doesn't make it open.

Pillville3132d ago

I did read it. He lists "Open World" as one of the features. Occasionally finding a cabin or ranger's station in a ~12 hour game, isn't "Open World".

Open World usually means that I can stop the main story line at anytime, go to any part of the world at anytime. Backtrack, explore, side quests, etc..

I'm not saying that would work for AW, I'm saying people need to quit pretending that it is "Open World".

FanboyPunisher3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

He stated "Elements" of open world.

Element Definition
Elements The basic assumptions or principles of a subject.

So he means it has a low level open world element and gave an example of it. He did not say it was completely open world but elements of it. Dont read so broadly, I completely followed what he meant pretty easily.

Pillville3132d ago

Then by your definition, any game that is not on rails, has Open World elements.

Gears of War,
God of War,
Super Mario Brothers

all of them had things you could find a bit off the beaten path, but no one would list Open World Elements as a feature.

Seriously, if AW hadn't been originally announced as an open world game, no one would be talking about these things. But it is still in the back of people's mind, so they want to find ways to make it seem like the open world is still there.

I know you won't agree and that's ok. I'm enjoying AW as it is and I'm out of bubbles.

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Denethor_II3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

360 games stopped selling as well when they all jumped ship and upgraded to a PS3, everybody knows that? ppphft

McPoopin3132d ago Show
Denethor_II3132d ago

I have to say yes this is a good game. My only gripe is I paid full price(£40) for a game that took me one day( 9 hours) to complete. I wish I would have rented it.

Solidus187-SCMilk3132d ago

we beleive you..... But GoW3 8 hours story was ok for you right???

LOL at PS3rd trolls in every 360 article.

UnwanteDreamz3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Pathetic finger pointing? What a surprise.

McPoopin3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Take this guys bubbles away; everyone PS3/Xboxers alike.

the-show-stopper3132d ago

easy man, dont kill urself getting so upset with this guy lol

blodulv3132d ago

Hmmm, I'm on my first play through right now on Hard and I'm a few hours in only scratching the surface on episode 2.

No reason to do a speed run with this type of game, it completely defeats the purpose.

God of War 3 (actually all of them) have taken me a lot longer than 8 hrs as well, since I up the difficulty on those too.

BeaArthur3132d ago

I think as they release DLC it will continue to sell.