The 30 Best PSN Games

Gamepro takes a look at what they think are the top 30 PSN games right now, including the likes of Battlefiled 1943, Briad, the revolutionary and beautiful Flower and Studio Liverpool's masterpiece, Wipeout HD.

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Babypuncher2708d ago

I think Warhawk is considered a retail game. Even though you can download from the PSN store, you can also buy it on disc.

mrv3212708d ago

They count PSone classics as PSN.

Warhawk should be classed as PSN, seeing as it came out first there and was redesigned for PSN.... otherwise why make it 800MB?

Bigbangbing2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

ahh Flower memories.. I loved that game, I love the unique games that says "F**k you others, I'll be different" .. congrats to thatgamecompany, achieving uniqueness and greatness is something really hard.

ticklechamp2708d ago

Soldner X was a good shooter, but i'm waiting for Gradius to hit the store.

Mnemonic-DK2708d ago

I think Gravity Crash is missing from that list...

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The story is too old to be commented.