Half-Life 2 shows the failure of player interaction Here's an assignment: find a pair of boxing gloves. Pull them. Then tie your shoe laces. This is the feeling I got from Half-Life 2 when I tried to two bricks on a seesaw balancing. That is a big problem, where apparently no one looking for a solution.

Recently I got the Orange Box off the shelf again, after reading a retrospective on Half-Life 2 in Edge. And again while I undertook the journey of Gordon Freeman I got the feeling that games in interaction with the environment for thirty years still. In fact, they are worse.

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Nike2929d ago

I feel like approving this just so the people on the Front Page can tear the author apart.

HL2 shows the failure of player interaction? Uh-huh. Next thing you'll say is "Doom is nowhere near Modern Warfare 2's level! All you do is shoot monsters! Why no snowmobiles?"


toaster2929d ago

lol Yeah he couldn't even do the very first and easiest physics puzzle in the entire game.

"Your mouth and back: I am familiar with the phenomenon of 'mouse'. That makes the situation only marginally better."

He is using a 360 controller and saying that the PC controls are only marginally better.. that's where he fails. PC controls are better suited to FPS games. And that puzzle isn't even hard to do with joysticks. He is obviously just a crappy gamer.

As with player interaction, HL2 didn't even have cutscenes. It had calm moments where the player was allowed to walk and look around while the NPC spoke, while the Striders were destroying buildings, I would call that pretty frickin interactive whereas some games rely on these quick cutscenes to move the story along. Half Life doesn't even need them because the storytelling and voice acting is strong enough to support it's own and not need the help of cutscenes.

This article is fail.

kaveti66162929d ago

I prefer a gamepad over keyboard and mouse but even I have to say this author is kind of reaching to find flaws with a 6 year old game.

Half Life 2 was revolutionary when it came out because of those physics interactions that players had with the environment.

I mean, even if they did suck or aren't as good as current games, Half Life 2 is SIX YEARS OLD for god's sake. It's an old game and if you're going to go back and re-evaluate every old classic and compare them to today's games then yeah, you're going to find that they're not as good.

But I don't think people should do that. For the technology that was available at the time, Valve made an excellent games that had excellent visuals (HDR lighting was showcased with the Lost Coast as well) and excellent physics.

Please, let's not do this with every other game. What's next? Is the author going to write another article about how Super Mario Brothers 3 has terrible graphics? "Look at all those blocky environments. And look, the clouds and the bushes are the same. Shame on you Nintendo."

Steve0072929d ago

Awesome, this guys sucks so hard. :P