Digital Chumps: Skate 3 Review

Digital Chumps writes: "Skate 3 works hard to blend its offline and online components seamlessly, and it does a rather nice job of that. But before you can shred around the skateboard-loving city of Port Carverton, you'll need to create a character (or choose a preset) and define a company (or team) name and logo. Then you'll customize your persona and have the option to go through a tutorial. The Tutorial, and much of the narration and presentation of the game for that matter, is handled by Jason Lee. Most folks know Jason Lee as Earl, from the now defunct TV series, My Name Is Earl. But, Jason is also a skilled skateboarder. In the game, he portrays Coach Frank, who is very much like the in your face character that was Earl. Anyway, besides giving you some useful advice throughout different modes and challenges in your Career, Frank is the source of some verbal humor that works to the game's advantage."

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