CoD: Black Ops Reveal Trailer Analysis

RespawnAction: "The new reveal trailer for the latest Activision shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops, has recently been released. After watching it a couple of times, there were a few things that I noticed that could be clues to new gameplay."

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MetalFreakMike3014d ago

Well the game looks good but Activision will somehow make me want to think twice about getting it. Over priced map packs and Glitchy online is not something I want to pay for.

Droid Smasha3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

MOH looks so much better than this and it comes out a month before COD

freediro3014d ago

bring back the glory days of waht made COD4 good, but truly add a new dimesion to the game a fps never has experienced. its really going to take something special to get, at least me, to buy this game.

Drjft3014d ago

And so begins the next 6 months of "analysis" threads and articles.

Major Kanimo3014d ago

anyone else notice the explosive crossbow? that was sick lol but for everything else it all looks the same

Urmomlol3014d ago

This is more like "stating the obvious" than an "analysis"

Wow, they're skydiving. Good job picking up on that one. I'm sure no one else did.

There's helicopters in the trailers, so maybe they'll have something to do with the gameplay? Ya think?

Leave these trailer dissections to the pros at Gametrailers.

Nike3014d ago

My god, this has got to be the dunbest and laziest analysis anywhere. o.O

"Rappels are making their presence in the new CoD"

Like duh?

"you can see a soldier dragging a teammate to safety"


"At the end of the trailer you see one of the soldiers leap off a cliff and do the skydiving motion."

Lame! Even Gametrailers users post better trailer analyses than this!

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