My Android Phone Dominates My Console – Are Consoles Losing Their Appeal?


"I seem to be sitting down a great deal more and spending hours on end playing the games that are on offer for the Nexus One. Hours that I used to normally spend on console gaming...

The ease of jumping to my phone game homepage, selecting the game and playing within a matter of 30 seconds is probably one of the biggest factors as to why I have been enjoying gaming on my Android phone compared to my console of late."

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gaminoz2805d ago

Yeah my itouch is much more appealing these days. Just no time or long periods where I can concentrate on console games.

ThatArtGuy2805d ago

If that's your cup of tea, more power to you. I prefer my console. :)

Millah2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I play games on my iPad a lot. Has it replaced my console gaming? Not even close. The games on iPad are pretty amazing, but they're still not even close to a console game.

The only thing my iPad replaced is my DS :P

toaster2805d ago

What the fuck is an "iTouch"...

I frickin hate people who say "iTouch"

kharma452805d ago

People who called the iPod touch the iTouch really grinds my gears too.

One of my little pet peeves.

nix2805d ago

well... only if you're comparing it with 360. q:

Steve_02805d ago

sure. tell me when I can play Uncharted, gran turismo and a decent footie game on my iphone

AAACE52804d ago

I'll never give up on console gaming, but I have been looking for an on the go type of gaming. I tried the PSP and DS but neither seemed to satisfy the urge and my blackberry is pretty much a waste of time.

(NOTE: Avoid Blackberry if you have the choice. It is a business phone that you may not need. I have tricked myself for over a year into thinking it is worthwhile, but its not. BB does not supply fun!)

I've been thinking about one of the touch phones, but I have Verizon so the only 2 I am looking at are the HTC incredible and the Motorola Droid! I've been hearing that leaked Iphone that was found in a bar was actually an Iphone designed for Verizon, but haven't heard much yet. I wanted that MS KIN phone, but now I don't care for it anymore.

NexGen2804d ago

The kin is simple social network only garbage that aggregates your social updates across multiple services. It is designed to help link together facebook, myspace, etc, etc, etc, for those addicted individuals that have too many social sites to update at once.

In terms of the droid or incredible? Both are great, but the incredible is sold out just about everywhere and was chosen over the droid 4 to 1 in a recent verizon sales report.

The 4g iPhone? It was a gsm phone, therefore not Verizon (which is CDMA). As for the iPhone eventually moving to Verizon? It's possible, but AT&T has an exclusive contract until 2012 with Apple. This contract could be broken by Apple though, but it hasn't happened yet. True 4g (not that sprint pseudo 4g) won't be around until this fall, and won't hit full speeds until next summer anyhow.

Long story short - check out the incredible.

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XboxOZ3602805d ago

When I'm in the States, I may look at one of these, as while mobile gaming doesn't do it for me all that much, being able to simply veg out on simple "games" is appealing.

Many modern AAA titles are somewhat complex in comparison, and do require more dedicated time.

So mobile gaming certainly appeals to the attention-deficet crown which is the "Y-Generation" - that's for sure.

BadCircuit2805d ago

I really want an itouch for my next birthday...reading dad? (I'll pay for some of it even!)

electricshadow2805d ago

Haha. Does your dad have an N4G account?

klado2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

@ BadCircuit....son, I'm sorry, but no, there is no money for you, you really have a bad circuit running through lol.

(Stealth) Lol, on topic, ummm portables lately are becoming more appealing to me as of I could go and play with it even at work(part time), hoping the psp2 to do some add to the experience, as for the androids, to replace my ps3, [email protected] off.

Belgavion2805d ago

My iphone distracts me occasionally, but an ipad might very well make my consoles feel like abandoned children

XboxOZ3602805d ago

Def going to check those out while in the States, that is for sure!!! The huge number of games already available for it is amazing, and there's such a huge support for it from both developers and publishers.

Plus they are a little cheaper in the States, so long as you do not get the 3G model, as then you're stuck into yet another data package with another carrier.

Immortal Kaim2805d ago

I used to hate long train trips, but now having a mobile device that is capable of playing awesome games (Peggle), it isn't a drama.

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