New FF XIII Screenshot - New Trailer Will be At TGS

Here is a brand new screenshot released from Square-Enix at the Playstation Event going on now in Tokyo. Square-Enix also showed new footage for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Chobits3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Cant wait for the new trailer <3 Final fantasy ^-^

[email protected]3800d ago

hahahaha yeah. A bubble 4 ya' ur earn it.

teh_tourist3800d ago

i hope that it can live up to it and be great game
it just seems like another FF to me

EZCheez3800d ago

Because it IS another Final Fantasy game. Every time I think this series is about to hit a dead end Square wows us all over again.

ben hates you3800d ago

speaking of great RPGs i just bought Oblivion, and it is awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.