GDN: Sam & Max Season 3 Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammunmak Review

GDN writes: "The previous episode in this point-and-click adventure series showed us Telltale isn’t afraid of making drastic changes. Giving Max various psychic powers was a bold choice that could have sunk the season if done poorly, but they got it mostly right and carried on. As the title of this episode might suggest, an Egyptian mythology/history theme dominates here, mixed in with some early 1900s silent film motifs and a little bit of Indiana Jones-style pulp adventure too. The good news is that Max’s psychic abilities continue to be well written and add to the plot rather than harm it, but the relatively bad news is that the writing and puzzles in this episode aren’t quite up to the series’ usual high standards. Don’t misunderstand though, this is still a decent addition to the season."

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