Top 10 E3 Announcements We Do NOT Want

OXCGN: "E3 is always one of the highlights of the gaming calendar. We get to find out what will be parting us from our hard-earned cash for the next year, what the next iterations of our favourite franchises will be and of course, some exciting new IPs.

Every few years or so we’re even witness to the unveiling of a new console generation, or in this year’s case, a new way to interact with our consoles (Natal and Move).

However, we’re also just as likely to see misguided game remakes, unneccessary accessories and our favourite characters from days gone by forced to once again slog through endless soul-sucking sequels all hoping to bring the series back to its glory days (hello, Sonic…).

That’s why it’s time we put our foot down as the consumers and let them know we’re not going to support their mistakes before they waste all that development time and money. So without further ado, here is my list of my least-wanted E3 2010 announcements."

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REALgamer2708d ago

Would definitely be awesome (360's online, PS3's reliability, both their awesome exclusives).

But I agree then there'd be no competition or need to innovate to survive. I'm sure if the 360 didn't exist Sony would still be able to sell the PS3 at its launch price of $999 (in Australia), and vice versa Microsoft wouldn't have to care about hardware failures because gamers wouldn't have a choice.

FACTUAL evidence2708d ago

Could you imagine if MS did make a slim...and it had RROD STILL! Omg....what would people think?

BannedForNineYears2708d ago

@Realgamer, I can't disagree.
It would definitely break up the console wars.
Which would be a great thing.
But then again, there would be no competition. :(

RageAgainstTheMShine2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Microsoft Swiping another PS3 exclusive, right SquareEnix?

Microsoft, No Swiping!

At least Nintendo make their own games instead of being a low life corrupting every weak minded company with one of the root of all evil.

2707d ago
ThanatosDMC2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

No thanks, i dont want MS's greedy hands on a Sony console. Imagine all the propriety crap they'll want to sell. Besides, if it's MS online service they'll charge for stuff meant to be free and not to mention P2P.

Let them be separate and let them compete. Besides N4G will become boring.

Legosz2707d ago

Even if there was no competition I could still see sony being loyal to the fans and still driving to be it's best.

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gaminoz2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )


Look here: too many already-

In fact get rid of boring skyscraper-cities all together...

XboxOZ3602708d ago

Competition is essential in any market. I know that from personal experience. I once had a small company that made a product - and the competition pushed me out of business, bought up all the stock and increased its prices - it was the only company supplying product for BOTH products.

It is now out of business because customers simply would NOT pay the rates they asked.

Competition is VITAL to any business, no matter what it is.

Godem2708d ago

i dread the future with motion controllers standard.. just dreading it.

Immortal Kaim2708d ago

Agree, not a fan of motion controls at all :(

BYE2708d ago

I'm excited about what will come and might try a game or two. Just hope it won't ever replace controllers and the focus on core games.

sid4gamerfreak2708d ago

@Godem: Motion controls r not gonna be the standard in the future...its up to us, gamers, not to let that happen...

no buy for move or natal, playing with the "old" controllers, mouse and keyboard

LeonSKennedy4Life2708d ago

Lol. Wait until you guys try Move.

Awookie2708d ago

I've tried the Wii, while some games it works i usually end up using a gamecube controller if supported.

I don't get why people think it will revolutionize gaming ill take my Killzone and GOW with a controller plz

ISKREEM2708d ago

Honestly, the only thing I can see myself using Move for at this point(in addition to a Dualshock 3 controller) is LittleBigPlanet.

It's great that games like SOCOM 4 will support it and all, but i'll be sticking with my Dualshock for that and the like, thank you very much.

XboxOZ3602708d ago

Couldn't agree more, and also the newest hit thing 3D gaming - shudder. 2K games have just signed up NVIDIA for the use of its PhysX and 3D Vision technology into 2K Czech’s Illusion Engine™. Mafia II

They are the first, and won't be the last. Now with Motion control and so-called 3D, gaming as we once knew it will change dramatically, and not for all the right reasons.

No way Natal or MOVE can imitate a full on FPS experience that lasts 2 hours of more at a time. The sheer exhaustion that would be experienced by the gamer would force them to play shorter, easier games, rather than fully fledged games such ass say Modern Warfare or anything like God Of War 3.

Can you honestly imagine playing GOD of War for 2 hours with MOVE or Natal, and 3D effects .. .

You'd be exhausted and have the biggest head ache known to man. As moving around while playing the game while also viewing it in 3D, would play havock with your eyes and brain.

And that's just plain scientific fact.

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sgw_dec0y2708d ago

His #1 reason about Microsoft getting rid of controllers in favor of Natal is not going to happen. In a few different articles I have read over the past months have stated that we still need the controller. Maybe in 5-10 years motion control will be that precise and we will see "some" games use only motion but there are still way to many things that controllers do well that motion cannot.

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