The best way to play every episode of Final Fantasy

There are many iterations, re-makes, and ports of Final Fantasy. How is a fan supposed to play them all? Here's a guide that shows you the best way, and on which platform, you can play each Final Fantasy game.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Everybody's always dissing FFVIII but the truth is that the game had many aspects that excel over FFVII. The problem was that all of them were cosmetic... FFVIII had better music, graphics, battle animation, much more detailed CGI and better seamless transitions execution. But FFVII had the better story, gameplay and side-quests (so FFVII wins but FFVIII was fun to play too). =(

I just love overpowering my characters in FFVIII. =)

ChickeyCantor2953d ago

Actually FF8 had more depth gameplay wise.
But way to difficult for many players.

FFIX > FF7/8 anyway.

primesuspect2953d ago

I don't think FFVIII was necessarily more "difficult" than 7. Any challenges in most Final Fantasy games can be overcome with nothing more than grinding, there's no real difficulty involved.

Still, some people had a hard time wrapping their heads around the draw system in 8, and I think that's where the perception of difficulty comes from.

ChickeyCantor2953d ago

Its not the grinding that was hard it was the whole G.F.junction system.
It was kinda complex to actually make good use of it.