EmotionalNinja: ModNation Racers Demo Impressions

"Since Sony decided to tell me that I can not get a retail version of the game for review I suppose I will do the next best thing and give my thoughts on the ModNation Racers demo. It could have been done better."

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GUCommander2959d ago

I can't wait for ModNation racers. Finally a mario kart clone done right. Very exciting.

codyodiodi2959d ago

I can't wait either. The demo makes me very impatient though. I want the game now, but I suppose I can wait until next Tuesday.

DarkSpawnClone2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

i loved the demo ,going to get this game soon, if not soon its on my wish list! that game was so fun i played it with my little brother earlier and he was having an awesome time! nice to see him happy.finely a game i dont mind playing with the siblings lbp was annoying to play with family they kept dieing and using all the life's up lol