Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores have been released, which include Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Alan Wake.

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GUCommander2929d ago

Mario Galaxy 2 is getting some VERY solid reviews.

BrutallyBlunt2929d ago

Mario Galaxy 2 looks very fun. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit. Looks like they also think Alan Wake is good. I'll have to play that one too. Too many games right now. Red Dead Redemption is at the top of my list.

Valay2929d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 did very well, though that rumored perfect score was fake.

Ziriux2929d ago

Ahh of course, Mario scoring good under a japanse magazine.

stephmhishot2929d ago

you don't hear anyone saying, "oh look, halo got a great score from white guys!"

blu_yu_away2929d ago

That's cause they're usually to busy saying, "oh look, halo got a great score by people paid by M$"

kingdavid2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


Biased maybe but saying its racist is a little too far and honestly nothing to do with it. Could easily just be patriotic.

Look at the games famitsu have given 39-40/40. I think youll find 1 or 2 out of about 30 are actually western games. Noone is denying the japanese are masters at making games but you dont think this is just a little biased?

Western sites like IGN have praised japanese games as some of the best. You gotta wonder why western games dont sell well in japan, its obviously not down to quality, its what theyred fed by magazines like this.

Pekka2929d ago

Review are pretty much meaningless to sales. If a western game would get 40/40 score, it would have almost exactly same sales as when it has 20/40 score. Japanese just don't care about western games, no matter what magazines tell them. Even GoW 3 got 38/40 in Famitsu and it still flopped in Japan.

Generally speaking, review scores don't have nearly as big influence on sales as some people think.

kingdavid2929d ago

Ok then. Do you have an explanation as to why western games dont sell at all?

Bayonetta sold quite a bit for a hack n slash. Why not gow?

kingdavid2929d ago

Add another 4 points to that score if it was made by a japanese dev..

Homicide2929d ago

Another excellent score for Super Mario Galaxy 2

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