WhatIfGaming: Red Dead Redemption Review – Why An Outlaw Exists In Glory And Redemption

WhatIfGaming writes: "Red Dead Redemption is the epitome of the product that results when you take a developer that strives to create a world teeming with life in all its simplicity and metamorphoses the Western World into something completely unforgettable and extraordinary. Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar Games’ latest open-world action, suspense, humor, and adventure title all seamlessly integrated together to create one of the most necromantic experiences for gaming enthusiasts that love anything remotely related to the word “Western.” Providing a macrobiotic and meticulously thaumaturgic setting, Red Dead Redemption explodes with different personalities and characters with their own ambitions and dreams in the lawless West that is central to the intricately detailed storyline."

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GUCommander2958d ago

Solid review. True to the game and well-written.