Sony Needs to Start Selling Out

Eduardo writes "On Free Comic Book Day, I went to a few comic shops to get some free stuff and to find a DC Unlimited Ratchet and Clank action figure. Luckily, the second store on our trip just happened to have them. With a big smile on my face, I promptly took my prize to the register and asked: “What took Sony so long to make this?”"

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Deiser2954d ago

Sony could use a bit more marketing to make their characters more popular than they currently are.

hay2954d ago

Yup, Sony has quite big variety of different and great chars to put pretty much everywhere.

DJexs2953d ago

This is true but they do not need to sell out.

ABizzel12953d ago

I don't see it as selling out, but a lot of video games could use movie adaptations as long as they are good one. Rachet and Clank would be a perfect movie for kids and in turn would generate a lot of sells for the games, which is a plus since the games are amazing and not some sorry attempt to cash in on a movie.

Ugly Bob2954d ago

I was just thinking about this for my forthcoming review on Kingdom Hearts. Tons of products in Japan, but very few of which have been released in the US. Given how large the audience is (according to sales numbers) you have to wonder about the lost money.

Maybe Sony believes that toys aren't in line with their consumers, despite the belief that college age or older view such things as collectibles.

Ult iMate2954d ago

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise of Square.

Max Power2953d ago

Don't forget Disney, you know they don't just lend out their IPs for nothing you know.

Nike2954d ago

At whoever posted this, your intentions seem good but they're hidden behind a flame-worthy headline. People reading it may think you mean Sony should sell out to another company, and then the line of reasoning from there just goes insane..."Sony needs more franchise action figures" or something to that effect would be better.

TotalPS3Fanboy2954d ago

fans actually want those stuff, you know, toys of Ratchet and stuff, but Sony does not seem to realize that. It's about providing fans with what fans want and Sony seems to be missing out on that opportunity.

Calm Down Sunshine2954d ago

I'm not sure the market for this is as big as people would like to think.

Killzone3Helghast2954d ago

How about real kratos weaponry? I'd love to go on the street and randomly rip off someones head while screaming "DIE DIE DIE" but yeah anything made in China is cheaply made so I'd probably pass on that.

stevenhiggster2953d ago

You sir are the reason why some games get banned. ;-)

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The story is too old to be commented.