New Xenoblade video (battle footage)

A new video of Xenoblade has been released, which features one of the first true looks at the battle system in Nintendo's upcoming RPG.

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Valay2985d ago

This will probably be the latest site update this week.

Ziriux2985d ago

Always been a fan of xenoblade.

GUCommander2985d ago

me too. it's a great game but I think they can do better than the last one this time around :P

Baka-akaB2985d ago

what last one ? it's a new franchise .

The xeno part is mostly in name , as a marketing decision .

Mind you i'm eagarly awaiting that game too

-Mezzo-2985d ago

great game, certainly looking forward to it.

kesvalk2985d ago

good, i loved the battle system of Final fantasy 12, seems very similar, but with more control...

Shnazzyone2985d ago

Looks kindof awesome... wish i understood anything that guy said.

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The story is too old to be commented.