Splinter Cell: Conviction sells 1.8mil in a month

TVGB: "Another number to come out Ubisoft’s conference call today is 1.8 million, the number of copies its Montreal studio’s Splinter Cell: Conviction has shifted through since the worldwide debut just over a month ago."

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tatotiburon2930d ago

wow great sales, amazing game, congrats Ubisoft

kaveti66162930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Are these sales only for the 360 version? Because if so, that's amazing. If not, it's still very good.

Edit: Why the disagrees? I only asked a question, firstly. Secondly, nothing I saw was inflammatory.

@below. Although these figures reflect units shipped to retail, this means that the publisher has already received its revenue from retailers.

All numbers that are reported by publishers including MS and Sony reflect units shipped to retail unless otherwise explicitly stated. For example, some companies like Sony might collect data from the retailers to get an idea of how many units are actually sold to consumers. But Sony won't receive any more money than what the retailer initially pays them to receive the units.

oohWii2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Honestly, unless you're trying to downplay 360 sells why does it matter. If the actual game is what you're concerned about, then the 1.8 number should be all you need to know.

@cgoodno below - Agree 100%

kaveti66162930d ago

I don't understand where in my comment I said anything that downplayed the sales. I said, the sales are very good. I didn't say anything else. If you guys think I'm biased or something you should check my comment history. Despite the fact that I only had one bubble when I wrote that comment, I am not a fanboy or a troll. I've been getting bubbled down for what others perceive to be fanboyism but usually the people who attack me are the biggest fanboys on here.

oohWii2930d ago

I made the comment, but I didn't take a bubble. Even though I believe you, I can see why some people would as why does it matter which system the sells came from.

Either way, I don't think you are a fanboy.

N4PS3G2930d ago

I don't think the game was amazing but it was enjoyable. The MP was awesome though! So as a full package...Splinter Cell is a good addition to the list.

swiftshot932930d ago

Agreed it wasnt amazing but the direction and potential of the game could go so far. I very much enjoyed the game and Im excited for a sequel.

poindat2930d ago

I'm glad to see that people are enjoying Conviction. I only own a PS3 and my gaming PC is not quite up to scratch, so I am not able to play this game unfortunately, but I certainly have enjoyed the series in the past.

As you said, it may not be the most amazing game ever, but the fact that it is enjoyable is all that matters (and belonging to one of the premier stealth series also helps haha). I'm genuinely happy that you guys are getting to enjoy a solid current-gen Splinter Cell game, something that I wish to also experience -- but I can wait for future iterations that hopefully make their way to my platform of choice!

ape0072930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I will be having great time with this game in summer vacation, Im not in the best state of mind of playing games these days lol

loooots of games im gotta beat, bayonetta RDR, conviction, mass effect 2, alan wake , mod nation

Christopher2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

It's total worldwide, PC and 360. These are strong numbers for any game and makes me wonder why I didn't pick the game up at release.

IdleLeeSiuLung2930d ago

I wonder too why you didn't pick it up? Because it is a fantastic game. One of my favorites so far this year on the 360.

I'm gonna now go and try out Alan Wake!

Christopher2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Many reasons. Still haven't finished Heavy Rain, still haven't played GoW3, still haven't played Dead Space, still haven't played Dragon Age: Awakening. Really interested in Red Dead Redemption and spent money on that. More interested in Alan Wake and spent the money on the limited edition.

I'll likely pick the game up in a month or two when I have more time. If I had picked it up last month I would have gotten all the pre-order bonuses and a $20 store credit as well, though, which is why I'm kind of kicking myself a bit.

IdleLeeSiuLung2930d ago

Yeah, there are a lot of games out. I still have a huge backlog, especially on the PS3! God of War Collection, God of War 3, FF XIII, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 1 & 2, Mass Effect 2, Fable 2 (I know, it is kind of old...), Bad Company 2, Super SF IV... I mean my backlog is so long! I just practically finished SC:Conviction.

However, so far the first 1-2 hours of Alan Wake is fantastic! The mood, setting and the environment is freaking amazing. I haven't really played any game that creates that mood. Maybe the first Bioshock comes closer, but still not the same.

It is a slow start so far though, but the story telling and they way all the characters around you starts talking is really cool.

Although I only played an hour or so and it might be premature, I really don't see how this is barely an above average game by the critics, when I have played far worse games get significantly better score.

A good example is Bioshock 2, it got on average a better score than Alan Wake, but it wasn't anything else than a decent game. The amazing story line and the plot twists of what made that game great is lacking. It was completely linear with almost no changes in game play... if you just loved the world then it is a great game, but it really was an average game primarily due to it's great game mechanics that is kind of stale. Yet, Alan Wake has so far an amazing story line, great mood and so far great game play is rated lower.

I guess I will have to finish Alan Wake to get a proper assessment though....

Timesplitter142930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I bought the game but I didn't really like it. It lasted only 6 hours and it wasn't even a stealth game

maskedwarrior2930d ago

Great sales for Conviction. I think it's selling faster than the previous games

shadow27972930d ago

Yeah but there's a lot of fun in that co-op, if you have someone you know to play it with. If you haven't experienced that, then you're missing out on a huge part of the game.

oohWii2930d ago

"I bought the game but I didn't really like it. It lasted only 6 hours and it wasn't even a stealth game #1.5"

"4d ago by Timesplitter14 | View comment I bought Splinter Cell Conviction and I thought it was pretty bad.

It lasts 5 hours, the story is so bad it hurts, and the "stealth" feels more like "take cover behind a wall and headshot everybody in the room with your silenced pistol".

So, is it 6 hours or 5 hours?

jetlian2930d ago

took me about 8-9 hours on single player And about 6 on coop both on realistic. the other modes i've put in about another 12 hours or so. Its a great game, only people complaining are fanboys and old sc players. I did miss the hacking and lock picking tho

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sikbeta2930d ago

Great for the Devs, anyone knows about the PC version, doesn't matter really IF ubisoft is stupid enough to put that crappy DRM that only f*ck real supporters..

Meryl2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

gow iii sales was better:):) in bots definition it's a FLOP if it does not sell 2 million or is not AAA, splintetr cell was neither so FLOP FLOP FLOPITY FLOP

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zetsuei12930d ago

I don't want to sound like a dick but probably its PC + 360 and of course, SHIPPED.

Kalowest2930d ago

Their talking sells, not SHIPPED, thats why this sounds believable.

Gamester1012930d ago

Shipped /give real figures.

poindat2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Shipped figures report the amount of copies sold through to retailers, so from this we can gauge two things:

1)Retailer demand that reflects customer demand
2)The amount of money the game has pulled in, as Ubisoft receives its payments from copies sold to retail, not through to customers (those transactions are 100% income for the retailers themselves).

Those two points should tell you everything you need to know about how well/bad the game is doing. Anything else, such as the amount of copies sold through to customers, is only for your self satisfaction and has no real impacting value, except in extreme cases where the publisher overestimates or underestimates demand. But I'm fairly certain that is not the case here.

Moonboots2930d ago

Love this game! I hear some DLC will be coming for it next week possibly.

I HARLEM I2930d ago

i think the game was great definetly something straight out of 24......

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