Saddle Up with These Red Dead Redemption Cheats

"With Red Dead Redemption now available in stores, it’s time to saddle up as we reveal to you the cheats that you can use in the game." - Just Push Start

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MightyMark4272959d ago

I prolly use the cheats when I'm done with the story

N4GAddict2959d ago

I'll use the cheats when I beat the game. Don't want to ruin the experience.

ShadyDevil2959d ago

cheats are VERY Nice. But usually affect trophies.

mrmikew20182959d ago

I don't know guys, Gamespot finally put up their review for RDR (they gave it 9.5) but nobody from these big sites are mentioning anything about a lower resolution on the PS3.

Morituri2959d ago

That's because it doesn't matter.

siyrobbo2959d ago

its only the fanboys that care

LevDog2959d ago

Pretty boring game.. I had a feeling it would be Wild West Theft Auto.. Im actually ready to trade it in

BakedGoods2959d ago

It is most GTA-ey then Rockstar cared to admit.

LevDog2959d ago

It just isnt a fun game.. There is hella crap to do.. but it reminds me too much of GTA4 which I hated with a passion.. The Clunky Controls are terrible.. Now I have to bite the bullet and trade it in and only get 40 bucks for it.. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R

SSJSubgeta2959d ago

Sad to hear you didn't enjoy it. I would highly recommend you trade it in now to get most of your money back. While this is a new title give it a week or so and GameStop will lower the trade in value.

Marceles2959d ago

The most fun I've had so far was doing a bounty and on your way to take the bounty back to town, the gang leader's posse comes and tries to kill you before you get there. It's really fun taking out their whole posse and shooting them off of their horses. And then shooting the horse and skinning them to really own them. Everything else does feel GTA4-ish though

BannedForNineYears2959d ago

No "Spawn teh rawflecawpter"?
Or "Supahman punch"?
Or "Fly like iron man"?
Or "All guns are fly swatters"?
Whatever happened to the good old days when cheats weren't realistic? :P

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