Bright Falls Prequel is More Twin Peaks than Alan Wake

Sinan Kubba writes, "I played through Alan Wake over the weekend. It was a pretty good ten-hour romp, too. There were lots of highlights, some nifty touches here and there, a little bit too much time spent rummaging through the forest and reading through manuscripts, but otherwise it was good fun."

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Stuart57562984d ago

The 'Bright Falls' prequels we're better than the game, i was really looking forward to the game, the prequels got me all hyped up and then i felt really let down. I'm sensing everyone keeping quiet about how much of a let down the game was, still good though, second big let down this year for me though, Conviction been the other, Mass Effect 2 kicked ass though!!!!

Kurt Russell2983d ago

I am really enjoying the game - it's tense and atmospheric with a good combat system. I've been wanting something other than modern battlefield of honor for ages - this stepped up to the plate and scored.