Halo: Reach Beta Extended to Thursday, May 20

Bungie's Brian Jarrard has just informed Joystiq, "Our official plans as of now are to turn off the Reach beta on Thursday, 5/20 at 10AM PDT." Previously, the beta was scheduled to end tomorrow, May 19, at an unspecified time.

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jack who2893d ago

oh yahhhh one whole day wooooot!!!! :|GTFO

WildArmed2893d ago

Dam, I totlaly forgot about this.
Had planned to try the beta out before it ended, but it seems like it aint happening.
With Red Dead, WKC, BC2 my plate is full :(

SixZeroFour2893d ago

im going back to bfbc2 when this is done, hopefully i can catch onto bfbc2's control scheme pretty quickly again...but i had one hell of a time playing it, so has my buddy who came over almost everyday to play it, glad its being extended another full day, but does that mean they dont have the sufficient data yet? cause i remember them saying they are only going to have it up for as long as they need the data and not a day longer

Blaze9292893d ago

meh - played it a few times, surprisingly not as excited as I thought I'd be to play Reach. Problem is that it's still the same old Halo

Convas2893d ago

That's an interesting take. You should see the forums. Their awash in people who think that Reach ISN'T Halo.

Well, to each his own, I've never been a huge multiplayer person, but I did enjoy Reach's Multiplayer offering, small and flawed as it is. Definitely something to look forward to.

But I'm really innit for Campaign and hopefully Firefight.

SixZeroFour2893d ago

yea, the feedback is pretty funny...there are a bunch that say its the same old halo (unfortunately thats from ppl who usually dont like anything halo) and then there are the bunch that say its too different and not halo anymore (usually from the diehard halo GAME fanatics)

i love it and have plenty of fun playing invasion and invasion slayer, loving playing as any side be it spartan or elite...balance is still very much there and thats all that mattered to me when everything that was added was put into question

SixZeroFour2893d ago

so glad they added that extra day...i want to finish off buying all the armor, lol...i know all stats and data going to be completely erased when its over and done with, i just want the satisfaction that i did complete the armor sets, all i have is that last expensive one that cost 20k cr, and i have about 4k