White Knight Chronicles 2 Will Require a “BIG” Mandatory Installation

It has been revealed today that Level-5’s White Knight Chronicles 2 on the PlayStation 3 will require a “big” mandatory installation; actually double the installation the first one had.

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MightyMark4272928d ago

Will probably not get this anyway since the first one sucks

adlt2928d ago

I somewhat played it and got about 80% into the game, but I just don't enjoy it that much to be honest. I never really got into the multiplayer that much. Too many other games to play at the moment. Might borrow this from a friend if it gets significant improvements.

ShadyDevil2928d ago Horribly. Well gonna have to hold off on this baby till i get a 250 gig.

knightdarkbox2928d ago

only ps3 fanboys care about this failed game.

WildArmed2928d ago

Apparently you care enough to come and post.
So you should stop your trolling crap.

WKC was a good game, put about good 530 hours into it.

I guess its the only thing a troll can do.

raztad2928d ago

4G is not that big. It sucks but if makes the game better I'm ok with it.

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