Wada Clarifies Final Fantasy Versus XIII Xbox 360 Statement

Andriasang: Don't read too much into the Square Enix CEO's comments from yesterday's press conference.

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LordMarius2895d ago

Why even announced it as an exclusive in the first place if thats not going to be the final outcome, maybe its a business strategy, announce a game exclusive get the fanbase excited then do the E3 "shocker" and get all the media attention.

B-Real2062895d ago

your sackboy looks so sad, cheer up buddy it's not official yet!

itchy182895d ago

with you Marius. really

masterofpwnage2895d ago

agree its pretty lame.
thats why i dont like SE.

Ilikegames762895d ago

slapped Wada with a tons of money to make this game multi platform. We should take a good look at Wada's eyes and see if there's a $ sign in the pupils.

sikbeta2895d ago

Is not going to happen, Nomura will leave the minute Wada announce that, sales will favor PS3 Again but it'll sell less than FF13 cos FF Players will be all mad about the crap SE is doing with their Beloved Franchise, so FF Supporters will Abandon the hopes of a True JRPG like the old and nice days of Squaresoft, after some time, SE Shareholders including Sony, will want to cut Wada's head...

Commander TK2894d ago

I know what you´re saying dude. It´s not just SE. It´s almost every 3rd party dev.

Game13a13y2894d ago

that is why SE is going down in reputation, something $$$ can't buy. its going to hurt them in a long run. just like someone has said previously, they need new leadership, push the company to a new level, rather than becoming a sell out.

Mustang300C20122894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

The answer is simple why companies end up changing their stance. The landscape has changed. It wasn't where they though it would be. PS3 was supposed to be in a different position then what everyone in 2005 thought it would be. You know predictions, projections and name recognition. This is why SE decided to go multiplatform because they saw other devs making money on the 360 because the attach rates that companies do care about were noticed. So nothing should suprise anyone about things changing but then again we are talking about fanboys on N4G so none of this is a surprise from any of your responses. Logic doesn't seem to matter to some of you.

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karl2895d ago

its amazing how all the xbox fanboys surface at the smallest sign of a ps3exclusive game coming to their console...

now u can see that they havent go anywhere.. they are watching from the shadows.. waiting...

B-Real2062895d ago

If your talking about me all you have to do is look at some of my posts to know that I "lean" sonys way. I have a 360 as well, I play games but I do enjoy N4G for the fanboys. I get alot of laughs from some of the comments.

I do wish we had more than 3 bubbles though. Anyways happy gaming .

karl2895d ago

No... i just agree with u... this is going to get interesting.

i wasnt calling u an xboxfanboy.. but for a while there hasnt been a fanboywar cuz u dont see xboxfanboys . this will lure them out

thats all im saying

waltercross2895d ago

and it has, Not only on this article, take a look at the RNR comparison screens article, There all over that like ketchup on hotdogs LOL, and people are saying how N4G has nothing but PS3 fanboys.

Square hasn't been Square since before they merged with Enix.
I use to have much respect for them, USE to.

ShiftyLookingCow2895d ago

just like we always did with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Earth-Romulan war. jk