IGN: Harvest Moon: The Hero of Leaf Valley Review

IGN writes: "Despite the fact that a loading screen pops up every other minute, the controls can be frustrating at times and the mini-games get stale after a while, I had a hard time putting down Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley. It’s a charming game that begs to be played every day. Once you start it’s hard to end the cycle of, “Oh, I’ll just go through one more day, then I’ll quit.” Yeah, right".

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playstation_clan2926d ago

it seems there is a new harvest moon game every month

PeaceWalker152926d ago

Yea there is but that's just because the games are so much fun. It's great being able to get a new Harvest Moon game every 5Months rather than having to wait 1-3years for those Big Budget games.

And having this game be a Re-make of Save the Homeland for the PS2 It's probably one of the best yet. Since my only complaint in StH was that the game ended after 1year and you couldn't get married, but guess what? You can in this one! And all on the go!