Apparently, Gamestop Pre-Orders Mean Squat

RespawnAction: "This is one of those articles that comes from an enraging situation, and I still find the encounter to be such a slap in the face to it's customers. Yeah, yeah, by the title you know I'm talking about Gamestop, and today I sped to my local store in Long Island, NY in order to pick up my exciting pre-order of, of course, Red Dead Redemption. And you know what? I'm even taking this little amount of time from playing the game to actually write this."

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thorstein2802d ago

Not a very good title. Sounds yellow to me. (as in journalism.) Since the pre order did give me multiple bonuses especially since I got the PS3 version: Assassin's outfit, the Folly Hideout and the gang outfit and soundtrack.

FTW!!! Oh, and my Gamestop had no such silliness.

bruddahmanmatt2802d ago

I would just cancel my pre-order and buy the game from Amazon if a retailer ever did that to me. Not that I pre-order games anyway as I could give a crap about some lame "buy here for a bonus" extra.

Darkstorn2802d ago

Well, I preordered Read Dead Redemption from Amazon, and my copy won't even ship until May 24th.

ShinMaster2802d ago

It's common sense. Don't pre-order from GameStop, period.
Pre-orders never meant squat. It only ensures sales for GameStop. But does not necessarily ensure you a copy of the game you want.

Christopher2802d ago

Got my RDR copy today from

booni32802d ago

Hmmm, Interesting....

*cancels MvC3 Preorder*

Echo3072802d ago

Umm, why? Amazon offers free release date delivery on all their games... I ordered RDR a long time ago, and it arrived at 1:30pm today, with no shipping charge. This is probably about the 10th game I've ordered from them, and it's the same process every time.

kneon2802d ago

I got the same deal from gamestop, free shipping and both Red Dead Redemption and Prince of Persia showed up today just before lunch. I've ordered from numerous sources and the only one that gave me any trouble or excessive delay was Best Buy.

ShinMaster2802d ago

But my previous argument remains. That policy applies to every in-store purchase/pre-order.

kneon2802d ago

I've had no issue with pick up orders at gamestop either. But I always leave a deposit. Do they take pre-orders with no money up front in your area?

They usually call me in the morning to say my order is in, and a couple of times I didn't have time to go that day and still no problem.

I expect it depends on the management of each store.

iceman062802d ago

The very same situation happened, although both were in my favor. I went to midnight launches where copies were handed out(pre-orders and instant sales) to the point of supplies being depleted. I asked them what will happen for those that pre-ordered and didn't attend the launch. I was told...they will have to wait for a shipment in a couple of days. I actually purchased a game when picking up a pre-order because it was going to be out of stock by the time I got back the next day. I don't use GameStop as much anymore, because I have loads of pre-order cash with Amazon, but if I did...I'd be very wary of the pre-order hook.

Trey_4_life2802d ago

i pre order all my games from blockbuster, they reserve copies for pre orders.

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Elven62802d ago

The title does fit into what the author is talking about but I can see this happening at any other retailer too. I'm sure they have something in their Terms of Sale to allow it.

I once had L4D2 on preorder, they ran out of baseball bat codes and said there was no guarantee that I could get a replacement which is pretty odd, surely they could have anticipated how many codes to print? I figured the employees must have handed them out to a buddy or something, canceled my preorder on principle alone and bought a copy from Blockbuster.

For RDR, is it just me or were all Gamestop/EB Games copies of RDR the Special Edition? I wasn't paying close enough attention to them.

Speaking of which, has anyone been able to get their soundtrack yet? The site on the pamphlet is down for me. =/

Ahmay2802d ago

i preordered Heavy Rain from LameCrazy... and didn't get my voucher.... they said they'll give me one next day... went back.. nothing.... f them.... there were only 4 preorders too...

VoicesInMyHead2802d ago


They did they same crap with my NHL 10 preorder....PAT KANE PACKAGE PRE-ORDER IT AT GAMESTOP

-Ikon-2802d ago

GS pulled this shit with BFBC2 also. PS3 code didnt work fore over 2 weeks

electricshadow2802d ago

That wasn't Gamestop's fault. It was DICE/EA.

-Ikon-2802d ago

I really dont care whose fault it is this is the second GS exclusive content to not work. Why promote something if you cant back it up.

jjohan352802d ago

Dice's fault, not Gamestop. If you don't care whose fault it is, don't blame the wrong guy.

Gamehead362802d ago

got mine today from amazon as well and will be receiving a $20 gift card in two days muhahahahaha

PeaceWalker152802d ago


I've been to a few different Gamestops and all have handled themselves professionally. Do yourself a favor and if you don't like Gamestop then don't shop there. What will you be missing by not pre-ordering? Well enjoy waiting until the following Friday or Monday to get the copy elsewhere and not getting any pre-order bonuses or Special Editions.
Also enjoy not getting Used games at a cheaper price and getting to try them out for a week then if you don't like them return them for a FULL refund for any reason at all. Also enjoy not getting to trade in old games that do nothing but gather dust. People like to exaggerate the truth and especially now that everyone is making up all this bull just to get hits. Gamestop is the best game store I've ever been to and I will continue to give them business. Good day!

PeaceWalker152802d ago

It seems whoever wrote this decided to jump on the "Everyone hates Gamestop now" train. Well this is bull believe it or not, when you pre-order your game you are guaranteed to get it. They always make sure that they get enough pre-orders in. Gamestop is an incredible store and people need to stop hating on it. Cause you know what? People who complain about are still going to go there. Guess how much I just got for trading in my copy of Lost Planet 2 for Red Dead Redemption? Well with my Edge card I got 50$. And I got my copy even though I went late in the afternoon. Good Day.

poindat2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

So you are denying that this customer's experience ever happened? You should try to think outside of yourself, and what effects you. Just because you've had good experiences does not mean that everybody else has. In fact, the derision towards Gamestop in general is more than well founded, in my opinion.

Stores do run out of copies (despite your claim otherwise), employees sell opened (and played) games as "new", and there are a host of other issues with Gamestop.

I can understand that your experiences with Gamestop have been satisfactory, but to outright deny the negative experiences of other customers in order to add weight to your own claim is just bad form.

Ahmay2802d ago

they gave me their new copy of LBP from the wall... and grabbed the disc from their arse... f them.... at least GOW was sealed..

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Darkstorn2802d ago

Another reason why we need a Consumer Protection Agency. This is a slap in the face to those who paid for a service and were denied a copy of the game.

Elven62802d ago

In North America they have the Better Business Bureau, worked great for me when a certain big chain retailer sold me a bricked Blue PSP 2000 instead of the Black PSP 3000 advertised on the box. They refused to take it back and tried to blame Sony, contacted Sony and the customer service people told me to see the BBB. It took them 2 or 3 months but in the end I was able to get it exchanged.

Darkstorn2802d ago

The BBB is a private entity.
I'm talking about a public agency that would actively regulate Gamestop to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen. All the nations of the EU, Canada, Japan, and even South Africa have powerful consumer protection agencies. Let's follow those models.

Microsoft_Spokesman2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I got fvcked by EBGames today too, when I went to preorder the game a few days ago I was told that I will get my preorder bonus when I come to pickup the game, I came in today to pick it up and they're like "Uhhhh, ummmmm, basically the preorder bonus is the special edition, ummm, yea". What a bunch of bull crap; I saw the special editions all over the shelf's and people who hadn't preorder were able to buy the SE. What a bunch of @ssholes these EBGames people.

O crap, never mind it's included with the SE. My bad.

ShinMaster2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )


mricecreamman2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

if i didn't get my copy i call the district other words skip manager level. i have had numerous issues with gamestop that management can't even fix only district managers.

for example what is the point of pre-ordering if you can't even get the pre-order content (free dlc and/or swag) for the game?

SnukaTheMan2802d ago

But i did not get my golden guns

Simon_Brezhnev2802d ago

i got my amazon copy today to but the gold guns rockstar code was already inside the game case but at the moment the code not working

freeblue2802d ago

i heard you redeem the code within the game, not from the PSN.