Interview: Gamerbase – The Return of the Arcade Spirit

Gamer Limit writes "While the arcade in most countries is a thing of the past, its spirit does live on in a way. HMV’s Gamerbase stations in stores around the UK have proven to be extremely popular with gamers who gather together to play solo, competitively, and cooperatively."

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thedoctor2865d ago

Looks like an interesting place, but I'll be shocked if it turns over a decent profit.

StartWars2865d ago

I have fond memories of playing Star Wars Trilogy Arcade and Daytona USA at my arcade.

Yuenanimous2865d ago

I can hear it now.... "Daaaaayyyyyy Toooooooooonnnnnnnaaaaaa! Let's go away...."

chrisjc2865d ago

Arcades..........what a shame.