Top 10 best-selling Minis currently on the Playstation Store

Sony reveals the top ten best-selling Minis, which are categorized as small downloadable games on the Playstation Network, currently on the Playstation Store.

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N4GAddict2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Not surprised at the top game.

TheBand1t2839d ago

The only game with perfect gameplay.

booni32839d ago

tetris PSN GOTY!!

Joke -_-....^_^

Skynetone2839d ago

Great game, more strategy would have been nice

The graphics really suck on the "ps3" im sure it would look great on the psp, for a game that has a static background, a hd wallpaper for the ps3 would have gone a long way to me loving this game

This will be my one and only Minis game, "unfortunately"

Koneesha2839d ago

I'm surprised Car Jack Streets isn't on there. It's a great lil GTA clone that works well. It is fun to just whip out on the bus in short bursts!!

tehReaper2839d ago

The Monopoly Mini isn't bad.

Lipscomba2838d ago

@demOn: except the computer cheats!!!