How to Save, Capcom: A Frustrated Gamer's Lament

No saving in Resident Evil 5's "Lost in Nightmares"? Forty minutes between saves in Lost Planet 2? What's the deal, Capcom? A frustrated gamer sits Capcom down to set them straight on saving.

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Pink_Uni2866d ago

capcom is an amazing company and its doing a great job at satisfying its core gamers' needs.

and what the fck is up with all this hate about lost planet 2? its an amazing game and the visuals are way better then most game, and yet no one likes to mention that.

and if you're going to complain about save points play a emulator for god sake.

feitclub2866d ago

I think you misread the title. That comma is there for a reason.

Pink_Uni2865d ago

i think it was intended to have double meaning

its just another rant on them

bearsfaan2866d ago

Very good article. Capcom seems to be stuck in the past a bit.

TrailerParkSupervisr2866d ago

is making the enemies blue in multi-player and allies red. What???????????????

TheLancer2866d ago

I only hope that Capcom reads this...

atc19822866d ago

The real thing is if they read this ... Will they respond to it

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