Save Our Helicopters: A Plea To Developers

GI's Jeff Cork writes: "Helicopters are one of the most fragile of man’s creations, second only to red barrels. At least, that’s what video games would have us believe. I’ve been on a gaming spree lately, playing good stuff (Splinter Cell: Conviction), not so good stuff (Secret Service), and some in-between stuff (Gears of War 2). I couldn’t help but notice that in the past month, I’ve played no less than six games that have had a variation on the following scene:"

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mrv3212985d ago

Helicopter where invented for video games, think about it.

They are large and can be heavily armoured so they make great bosses.
They move slow so you the player can shoot them down
You never see a human die from a helicopter crash, so no worries about emotion
You have loads of weapons which can take them down, soon you'll be able to take them down with your knife.
They make big explosions and can spin off the map, no need to worry about blocking routes.
EVERY army apparently has at least 1,000, even the cub scouts have a fleet.
They can be launch from anywhere, unlike cars so you can level jump.
They can land anywhere so you can leave a mission without going to a airport or a vehicle... brilliant
You only have to model 6-8 people max, imagine modelling a B-52 passenger transport, imagine how many people would look the game.
They can reverse, so let's say a plane attacked you you'd have to wait 5 minutes for it to turn around, with a helicopter just make it fly backwards.

xc7x2984d ago

err,true about copters being targeted all the time,blown to bits excessively and not landing well. i blame balancing out games for that mess,tiny weapons can kill 'em easily and you don't need to be very accurate with rockets to hit it.