Apple more arrogant, says Sony

Brisban Times writes: "Sony is currently running an advertising campaign in the US that pokes fun at its image as an arrogant corporation.

It's a refreshing change-of-pace for a company often lambasted in recent years over issues such as the high launch prices of the PS3 and PSP Go."

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Godmars2902867d ago

Kettle, Pot. Though I think you already know each other...

-Alpha2867d ago


I don't even know why companies bother with this childish and petty name-calling game. Leave that to your fanboys.

Godmars2902867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Unlike Crazy Ken, Steve Jobs can can say "Let them Eat Cake." and his uniformed fanbase would.

Probably has - and he still has his job!

sikbeta2867d ago

Godmars has a point there... I don't want to go further with that...

duplissi2867d ago

but the cake is a lie....

mrv3212867d ago

I don't find Sony as arrogant any more, which is surprising since their game has improved... KB FTW.

BattleAxe2867d ago

"I think we can name a company that is a fruit" LOL

duplissi2867d ago

banana? im not sure what company he meant......

klado2867d ago

Apple? im sure what company he meant......

Bigpappy2867d ago

This is quite hilarious. I really didn't see this ome coming and I don't understand why they want to pick this fight with Apple.

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Jack Klugman2867d ago

how arrogant of you to say that sony!

jack who2867d ago

sony is right no matter how you look at it.

sikbeta2867d ago

Every person in the World is Right by saying the same thing....

klado2867d ago

But this time you failed, saying everyone's right.

Thudd2867d ago ShowReplies(5)

Just read the article, you will be agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.