What Could Come in Firmware 3.40

The SWANTONMASTER team go over what could come on the upcoming update.

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mrv3212954d ago

I'm going to go with stuff, possibly lot's of stuff.

WhittO2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

A new FW/PSN update is the main thing I'm hoping for at E3, I really think the XMB could do with a refresh and some new features.

Really hoping they change the in-game XMB to a smaller menu with only Friends list etc that you can actually use and make it hopefully faster.
Its annoying when I get a game invite and it takes 3 seconds to load XMB then another 4 seconds to load friends list then another 4 seconds to load profile/messages of the person you want, especially if you try to join people on Cod and it can take like 3 different invites before it puts you into the party!.

A smaller faster menu is needed, along with other features like quick game join when receiving an invite instead of loading all the messages and then accepting.

FACTUAL evidence2954d ago

If we got X game chat this update. Remember update 2.40? In game XMB? lol, that would be sweet!

jay22954d ago

Well, X game chat STILL hasn't come 7 MONTHS after it was 'coming in the next FW update' so.......


That feature is coming for PSN Premium.

DJexs2954d ago

I am cool with all those possible updates. Cross your fingers

crackerjack73732954d ago

hopefully, ive been tired of mw2 and if cross game chat was allowed i could just chill at the xmb and watch tv haha

booni32954d ago

i dont really know so could somebody please enlighten me: will it take new hardware for them to flash my ps3 for backwards compatibility with playstation 2 software or could they just do it with one of these firmware updates? seriously sony, what the f*ck is the hold up?

ReBurn2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

The PS2 sold 1 million units in the last few months. That's the hold up.

eggbert2954d ago

make the PS3 somewhat backward's compatible through the use of software. It's not fully functional though. There's probably a list of games that work with PS2 software emulation somewhere.

I think it works in the same way as the 360's emulation works, only some games will work, others will not.

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The story is too old to be commented.