Gaming At The Mana Bar: We chat to owner Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg


"It’s a typical Friday night in the heart of Brisbane’s clubbing scene, Fortitude Valley, or as it’s affectionately known, the Valley. The clubbers are already out in force and the shoppers have taken the setting of the sun as their cue to leave the area in lieu of the youths coming out of their caves, ready to party away the worries of another week. It’s now the unofficial time of party in the Valley, and the youth of Brisbane are all ready to kick-off a wild night of excess and partying."

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gaminoz2986d ago

Is this the first gaming bar in the world? It's the first I've heard of!

XboxOZ3602986d ago

If all goes well, they could be opening more in other states.

I prefer this to those terrible gaming cafes that have no personality or atmosphere.

At least with places like this, you get to meet and speak with other gamers, play the games socially, while enjoying a few drinks in a well appointed venue.

Plus the place also hold "release nights" - which is great for getting games out to the public on rel;ease days, or early playdates for games.

This normally does not happen for the average gamers, so having a venue that does it is just perfect.

DoctorQ2986d ago

Open in Sydney!!!
Awww this is just awesome!
Thats it, im moving to Brisbane!!!!

XboxOZ3602986d ago

Persoanlly I think a Mana Bar in Sydney would 'rock' . . the market for one here is just waiting to be tapped. Any Black Beta night run by IGN can attest to that. Often with a line-up heading up the street just to get in for one game.

Their Old Skool Game night was a blast last year, and if that was any indication, then a Mana Bar in Sydney, around Surry Hills, Paddington, or even Potts Point would just bring the ppl in.